Airtime War Begins in Anti-Tax Referendum – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-06-08 17:14:10 –

One screenshot of the Save Nashville Now media campaign

Attorneys from Metro and the Davidson County Election Commission will hold a hearing in the Court of Appeals on the second day to determine the amount of the anti-tax group. 4 Good government fix Will participate in the July 27 vote, but the airtime war over this initiative has already begun.

Save Nashville, a group of local citizens, business and church leaders, eventually made the first part of an ad purchase of over $ 300,000 on local television. title”Education reduction“When”First responder cut,Began airing on Monday, emphasizing that they claim to be a catastrophic reduction in education, fire, police, and EMS spending.

Meanwhile, the Good Government has not yet launched a campaign to support their proposal. According to sources close to the campaign, Pis is likely to join a group backed by the Koch Brothers, who seek prosperity for Americans, but the proposed property tax cap and last year’s property tax hike roll. He told Pis that he was likely to participate in the fight until the question about Buck’s constitutionality was resolved.

Airing before Prime Minister Russell Perkins makes a decision states that he will make a verdict by June 18. Save Nashville gives him an advantage in setting the election message.

Advertising purchase data is available from the Federal Communications Commission website. As part of a federally owned radio license agreement, the FCC sets disclosure requirements to allow citizens to see who is spending money to influence state and federal elections. This is a form of transparency that benefits everyone.

However, when Pith began editing the disclosure report this morning, the WSMV (Channel 4) report was not on the FCC’s site. Thinking this was an oversight, Pith sent an order email to the station. This order details when the ad will be purchased throughout the station schedule. WSMVStation manager Steve Watt, who returned to Nashville in April from KSHB, an NBC affiliate in Kansas City, told Pis:The reason orders are not posted on the site is because FCC rules do not require the Bureau to post orders on regional issues. NAB form only. “

When Pith pointed out that all other broadcasters disclosed the acquisition of Save Nashville, and pointed out that he runs a news agency that demands transparency and accountability from others. At that time, Watt didn’t move.

“When you submit an order, competing stations can see the price,” says Watt. “We are in a highly competitive business. We will not reveal it unless required, as in federal elections.”

First of all, if WSMV continues to take this position, it will move forward with each previous local election that the agency disclosed the same information.Currently on the FCC site, on all stations Local disclosure in 2019Includes time and price information.

But second, finding information is not that difficult. Each station’s salesperson and all advertising companies in the town already have a broadcaster’s tariff. All modern rating books show the same thing. WTVF (NewsChannel 5) is clearly a market leader, partly based on the strength of CBS during the Golden Hour. WKRN (Channel 2) is a clear runner-up who replaced WSMV many years ago and even challenged and replaced WTVF in early news broadcasts. WZTV (Fox 17) lags behind the other three.

The rates Watt is concerned about are: For late news broadcasts (10 pm or 9 pm for Fox), WTVF charges $ 1,200 for a 30-second ad, followed by WSMV. ($ 750), WKRN ($ 700), WZTV ($ 600). For a 5 pm news broadcast (5:30 pm on Fox), WKRN charges $ 1,200 for a 30-second ad, followed by WTVF ($ 800), WSMV ($ 800), and WZTV (400). Dollar) followed. Everyone who cares about these rates already knows them and there is no competitive advantage in not exposing them to the public.

It seems hypocritical that Watt sent WSMV reporters to demand transparency from local campaigns and government officials, and broadcasters did not disclose what they had already reported in state and federal races. If so, that’s right.

Airtime War Begins in Anti-Tax Referendum Source link Airtime War Begins in Anti-Tax Referendum

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