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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-04-07 18:17:02 –

Akron, Ohio (WJW) – Veteran Akron police Police officers resigned during an ongoing investigation, including the use of force over the phone in February.

Police were summoned to Vernon Odom Boulevard’s house on February 7, and encountered Charles Hicks II on the front porch.

An incident report published late Wednesday in Fox8 News said: Hicks refused to work with the officers and refused to get off the porch. Hicks was eventually taken to the ground and arrested. “

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Talking to Fox 8 News on Wednesday, Hicks didn’t talk about the case where the police were called, but he approached from a police officer he said he handcuffed him and became physical with him. I remember.

“They approach me, we are gongs back and forth, they throw me next to my pouch. I have already been slammed into the ground. My neck is kneeling and my facial hands are on the ground. I felt someone stuffing snow or something in my nose and throat and kept saying I couldn’t breathe. “

The police report released on Fox 8 does not mention the tactics used to make Hicks obey.

During an internal review, Akron police announced that APD had discovered the tactics adopted by police officers during their arrest and needed further investigation.

During the investigation, an internal directive was announced to the department that it came into effect on Wednesday, March 31, while officer John Turnur resigned as a member of the Akron police.

John Turnure.Photo courtesy of Akron Police Station

“He should have been charged with either attempted murder or violent assault, but the city of Akron allowed him to resign,” said Hicks lawyer Eddie Shiplin.

Talking confidentially to FOX8 News on Wednesday, sources within the department claim that Turnure’s decision is not based on possible discipline.

Turnua, who has been with the Akron police for over a decade, has been involved in past armed cases, including the shooting of two men outside a local nightclub in October 2017.

In that case, Turnure’s camera didn’t turn on until the shoot was over.

The investigation into the case by Summit County Prosecutor Sherry Bevan Walsh ended with her determination that the shooting was justified.

Sipplin said the proceedings are still pending in federal court.

The city says the February 7 incident is still under investigation.

Turnua’s resignation to the city, which was also announced late Wednesday at Fox 8, does not state the reason for his decision.

However, Sipplin demands a fair review.

“We want this police officer to be prosecuted. We want a fee. We want an independent investigation and they want this officer to be prosecuted, not the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, not the city of Akron. I want you to make a decision, “said Shiprin.

Akron police officer resigns during use of force investigation Source link Akron police officer resigns during use of force investigation

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