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Akron, Ohio (WJW) – Akron police In response to a man’s claim that he put his knees on his neck while police officers arrested him, he released a body cam footage. Police officer John Turnur resigned during an internal investigation, but the deputy police chief said the video proved that it didn’t happen.

Deputy Secretary Mike Caples described the arrest video as a “textbook,” saying he did everything right until he appeared to have pushed snow into the suspect’s mouth.

On Wednesday, the suspect and his lawyer said FOX 8 police had used excessive force, but Akron police said they had released a video to prevent the community from jumping to conclusions based on bad information. It was.

On Thursday afternoon, police played an unedited bodycam video since the arrest of 26-year-old Charles Hicks in February. The officer was answering a 911 call from Hicks’ girlfriend, which was also fully replayed. She claimed that Hicks was hitting people and threatening them with knives and guns. She was afraid of the children left in the house after he said he had commanded everyone outside.

The body camera video shows the hicks on the pouch. Caprez said Hicks seemed to be an “altered state of consciousness.” The video shows police officers struggling to arrest Hicks, who explain they are very muscular.

Hicks claims that the policeman put his knees on his neck, but the acting chief said from what he saw in the video that the policeman fixed him when they were trained. Police officials said Officer Turnua was off the line when he saw snow on Hicks’ face.

“The policeman started rolling him into his stomach. At some point, as you can see, snow was collected and placed on Mr. Hicks’ face three times … This tactic is not supported by the situation and Akron Not trained by police. Department … We worked to hold officers responsible for this act, “Caprez told reporters.

Turnure resigned before the internal investigation was completed. Police did not provide any further details about his resignation.

Fraternal Order of Police Akron Lodge 7 issued a long statement stating that Turnua’s resignation did not admit cheating and quit his job for personal and professional reasons. It added that police officers used cold snow distraction techniques to shock suspects resisting from his criminal resistance.

“The officer turnaround has shown suppression when the officers present may have been able to use it by policy: pressure points that cause pain, articulations that force compliance through the pain response, punches or Knee kicks, taser dosing, stun drives, or taser probe launches, or baton strikes were used.

Police officers used cold snow distraction techniques to shock suspects who resisted his criminal resistance. The APD use of force procedure allows police officers to use any item or object as a weapon of opportunity or convenience in certain circumstances. Weapons include, but are not limited to, portable radios, flashlights, rocks, sticks, and more. The technique was successful and the suspect was handcuffed and sent to jail without injury. “

Police Brothers Order Akron Lodge 7

Akron police release body camera after allegations of excessive force Source link Akron police release body camera after allegations of excessive force

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