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WARNING: Video footage contains graphics and offensive content.

Akron, Ohio — Almost a week after a shooting involving police in Akron, Ohio and a police officer who caused the death of 25-year-old Jayland Walker in the city. Akron The body cam video of the incident that Akron Mayor Dan Horigan called “difficult to take in because of pain” has been released.

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The two videos released included a narrated version of the event that led to the shooting, and the shooting itself, where multiple police officers fired several shots at Walker. Walker’s body was blurred with body cam footage at the request of his family, but the video remains graphic in nature.

3News Investigates was previously reported by police sources. More than 90 shots were fired by Walker, Hit him 60 times. On Sunday, Akron police chief Steve Millet said he couldn’t confirm the number of shots shot by Walker at this time, but expects them to be high and wouldn’t be surprised if they match previous numbers. Said. Circulate the media. He also confirmed that the first coroner’s report showed that Walker suffered more than 60 gunshot wounds, but the number of wounds at the entrance and exit has not yet been determined.

The incident happened after midnight on Monday, June 27, when police officers tried to pull Walker’s car due to a traffic and equipment breach. Walker led an officer, tracking East Tall Magsia Venue at high speed towards State Highway 8.

At some point during the chase, police say Walker fired a gun through the window of his car. In the footage released on Sunday, there was a traffic video that they said flashed out of Walker’s car and matched the gunshot.

After 6 minutes of pursuit, Walker wore a black ski mask and got off the car at Wilves Road near the Bridgestone Tire Office. This footage shows a police officer trying to deploy a non-lethal taser gun before shooting a gun and attacking an unarmed walker at the time of shooting.

Police said they shot a gun because Walkers made a life-threatening move. According to Millet, it’s difficult to watch the video in real time, but from the footage of Walker making multiple movements, such as moving his hand to the waist, turning to the policeman, and moving forward. Screen capture in his arm-he said that each police officer involved believed that Walker had moved to the “firing” position.

A gun, magazine, and gold wedding ring were found in the passenger seat of Walker’s car. Millet said police officers tried to provide life-saving assistance on the scene before Walker was declared dead.

In accordance with departmental policy, relevant officers are on paid leave. Seven of the eight police officers involved were white and had never faced work-related discipline before. Walker is black.

The case is being investigated by the Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the report will be open to the public in conclusion of the investigation. Holigan sought patience from the general public during the investigation.

“I urge the public to do one of the most difficult things I can ask for. It is patient and entrusting their work to the Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation Bureau. Ongoing independence. Given that there is an investigation we have done, we are as transparent as possible. I believe that investigation is fair, thorough, and just. “

Following a press conference in the city of Akron on Sunday, Walker’s family lawyer, Bobby Dicello, held his own press conference. Dicello accused the city of showing only a snapshot of the incident at his press conference. He said it was an attempt to turn Walker into a “masked monster with a gun.”

“When he was shot, 90 or 60 or more [times] Or whatever the incredible number, he is not armed, “Dicero emphasized.

In multiple protests in the Akron area planned on Sunday, both city officials and Dicello demanded demonstrations where peace in nature would happen. last week, Holrigan has canceled the city’s annual “Rib, White, Blue” July 4th eventSaid that it was not the right time for a city-sponsored celebration.

You can watch live coverage of 3News about Sunday’s press conference in the video player above and the YouTube player below.

** Content Warning: The video streamed by the following media players contains offensive graphic content that can be traumatic to some viewers.

Editor’s Note: The above video was previously aired on 3News on July 2, 2022, when protests continued in Akron after Jayland Walker’s death.

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