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Al Pastor and Plenty More: Trompudo’s Tacos – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Is there a term for the phenomenon when you chew something that is so satisfying in texture and flavor that the borders overwrite other sensations? Your eyesight may be off, your eyelids may hang down, or the sound may appear a little muffled.

Flavor fugue? Delectablissed out? Delicious association? It may not be universal, but it’s definitely an indicator that you’ve got something special, and I felt it very strongly at Trompudo’s Tacos.

Once upon a time, at 59 southwest and in May, this building had a restaurant, Senor Baligon, which I had vaguely intended to try but never tried.

Inside the Tacos of Trompud on Mei Avenue and 59 southwest of Oklahoma City. (STEVE GILL / Okla City Free Press)

Trompudo’s is still quite new. When the drive-through window opened in August and the dining room opened and closed about a month ago, owner Guadalupe Garcia told me to bring the bar up and running. Another reason to leave a lingering finish may be to drink a glass of cocktail. The interior is finished in warm tones and wooden accents, with hanging glass lights and scattered decorative ondori and farm tools, but this should not be the case. Visiting other than the main menu requires additional impetus.

We need to make a slight detour to make it clear that Trompudo is far from a one-trick pony. Protein choices included beef asada and pork carnetas, surprisingly rich and smoky chorizo, and Garcia’s recommendation of suadero (a soft beef fillet reminiscent of brisket) tacos.

You can get Nachos, Torta, Murita or Burrito in any of these possibilities and feel completely satisfied.

A quesadilla of Trompud made from my own alpasta carved from Trompo. (STEVE GILL / Okla City Free Press)

But the restaurant’s masterpiece is the alpasta carved from Trompo, the inverted meat cone that appears in the dream of a discerning carnivore. The delicious pork is presented in diced pineapple for a citrus splash and mixed with sour cream, avocado, onions, melted cheese in buttered grilled tortillas … well, you can be familiar with quesadillas. It led to a state of joy I was asking about the above. It’s a bit of a nasty dining experience, but using up some of the extra napkins isn’t inconvenient for such an exquisitely flavored piece, beautifully balanced with all the taste details.

In detail, I was also impressed that Trompudo’s makes 6 kinds of salsa. One is a general-purpose mild that is formulated to accompany each protein and complement it. The Pina that comes with the Alpasta has a bright heat that further enhances the flavor without overwhelming it. I praised him for his spicy balancing act, and Garcia expressed a bit of contempt for salsa, which uses heat as a weapon at the expense of flavor. Something like this may clean your sinuses, but it still tastes great.

Trompudo’s is one of the places with its own gravity. It attracts consciousness and appetite. Anyway, I’ll talk for myself. A few hours after I left, I realized that I was already thinking about whether I could run nearby in the next few days as an excuse for my next visit. If you live or work in the Southwest, you may find a lot here – and I envy you.

Trompudo tacos

6015 S May, OKC


Monday to Thursday 10:30 am to 10 pm

Friday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm

Closed on Sundays

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