Ala Moana Center and Shirokiya terminate lease in legal battle – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-07-20 00:43:33 –

The Ala Moana Center and Shirakiya are in the midst of a multi-million dollar endangered legal battle. On Monday, the judge allowed Shirokiya operators to enter the facility and remove leftover items, including hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wine.

Ala Moana Center’s parent company is suing Shirokiya Holdings for millions of dollars in backrent. Shirokiya’s lawyer has filed more proceedings.

The judge is giving Shirokiya operators to remove alcohol and personal belongings from the Japan Village Walk and Vintage Cave Cafe until August 15.

A lawyer representing Shirokiya Holdings says it is illegal for the Ala Moana Center to lock out vendors on suspicion of backrent, while it is also illegal to lock out more than $ 200,000 of fine wines owned by members of the Vintage Cave Club. Claims to be.

Former Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said the case was not a surprise. These financial disputes are in line with the financial difficulties posed by the pandemic.

“One side will say you illegally owned my liquor and my property,” Chin said. “The other side would say that I never had the right to do it. The judge is basically going to put me aside the problem and let you talk about the best way to solve it. I’m saying. “

The judge ordered the case to be arbitrated.

Ala Moana Center lawyer filed a complaint with Shirokiya Holdings on January 15. The proceedings claim nearly $ 8 million in overdue rent.

In the counterclaim, Shirokiya said the business would be unable to pay the rent after being forced to close due to COVID-19. In response, he sued the Ala Moana Center for $ 110 million. Lawyers claimed that $ 50 million was the cost of refurbishment during the relocation of the mall to the Ewa side and $ 60 million was a loss of future profits.

“This is the situation where the landlord is saying,’Don’t pay the rent.’ You haven’t caught up with the end of the bargain, “Chin said. “The renter is pushing back, saying,’You didn’t give us all the opportunities to succeed, as we discussed when we signed the rental agreement.'” ”

Jake Wilson, Vice President and Senior General Manager of the Ala Moana Center, said in a statement:

Shirakiya closed its business at the Ala Moana Center in 2020 and closed the lease earlier this year. Although the details of the tenant lease and the reason for cancellation have not been disclosed, the decision on whether to file a proceeding has not been neglected, and after months of discussion, we are working toward a solution.

Last year was a difficult year for all retailers and we took special steps to help our tenants continue their business. It is a pity that Shirokiya has decided not to continue operations.

We have a preliminary discussion about the future of space and look forward to sharing our plans in the coming months.

The judge said the Ala Moana Center could be observed but not disturbed as Shirokiya removes her belongings.

Ala Moana Center and Shirokiya terminate lease in legal battle Source link Ala Moana Center and Shirokiya terminate lease in legal battle

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