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Montgomery, Alabama >> Alabama soldier arrested last week for raping an 11-year-old girl was expelled from the FBI in a series of allegations of sexual misconduct, but his records were scraped clean. A fake station letter.

Christopher Bauer was unpaid and stripped of security clearance at the FBI’s New Orleans office in late 2018 in allegations that his colleagues raped at Knife Point, according to an Associated Press investigation. It was.

However, Alabama authorities have overlooked or were unaware of its history. The state police, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, conducted a “complete and thorough” investigation into Bauer’s background when Bauer applied for soldiers in 2019, saying “former employers are derogatory. I didn’t reveal any comments. “

Bauer said in his application that he was still employed by the FBI and had never been dismissed or forced to resign due to disciplinary action. And the state law enforcement qualification committee does not mention Bauer’s expulsion, confirms his decade of “trustworthy service” and considers him “qualified for reemployment.” Provided a copy of the letter to AP.

“The letter is not legal,” the FBI said in a statement to AP on Wednesday. Bureau officials do not say who believes they have forged the letter.

Bauer, 41, was arrested last week in Montgomery on charges of sodomy and sexual abuse of children under the age of 12. AP withholds alleged details to protect the girl’s identity.

Bauer remained imprisoned on bail of $ 105,000 on Wednesday, and court records do not list a lawyer who can comment on his behalf. A lawyer who challenged the FBI’s expulsion on behalf of Bauer did not respond to a request for comment.

The FBI didn’t say whether it was asked to hire state police for information about Bauer’s suitability.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivy’s office introduced questions on this issue to state police who did not answer repeated questions about Bauer’s employment details.

“We need to ask ourselves why FBI agents want to leave in 10 years,” said Lou Reiter, a former deputy director of the Los Angeles Police Department and police consultant. “They apparently did not do any kind of due diligence regarding background checks.”

“I need a phone call,” added Michael Avery, a former professor at Suffolk University Law School and a police illicit expert.

After his arrest, Bauer resigned from the state police for “personal reasons.”

Bauer is the latest and perhaps most extreme example of an FBI agent accused of developing sexual misconduct. Last year’s AP survey found a pattern in which FBI agents avoided disciplinary action and retired in full profit, even after allegations of sexual misconduct against them were substantiated.

“No one wants to take responsibility,” a former colleague who raped Bauer told AP, but AP usually doesn’t identify anyone who claims to be a victim of a sex crime. “I wanted to prevent this from happening to others.”

Bauer, an Air Force veteran, was a member of the Montgomery Police Department before joining the FBI in 2009, working on many prominent cases at his New Orleans field office. He challenged an FBI colleague’s allegation of sexual abuse and told his colleague that the act had reached an agreement.

The FBI Brass considered the case of illegal activity to be “terrible,” according to a former senior law enforcement officer who knew the matter directly. According to former officials, insiders interviewed several female FBI employees about the deal with Bauer and believed that the truth was “somewhere in between” what Bauer and his colleagues claimed. Internal investigations have revealed that Bauer violates FBI policies, such as having sex in FBI vehicles.

“He had to lose his job, and he really should have been charged with criminal charges,” said a former employee who spoke on anonymous terms without the authority to discuss personnel issues.

A Bauer colleague told AP that Louisiana authorities had filed criminal accusations in the Parish of St. Tammany, north of New Orleans, but she did not believe there was sufficient evidence to move forward.

The allegations were also carried out in a restraint order obtained by a colleague who nominated Bauer and had been on public record for a year in Louisiana when Alabama hired him as a soldier. In it, the woman accused the lawyer of choking her, adding that she was “scary of my life.”

Bauer was ordered to surrender his “guns, weapons, swords, knives” as part of the incident.

“I couldn’t see it anymore and I felt my feet sticking out under me,” the woman wrote in the order application. “He told me many times that if I went to war with him, I would lose. He said he would destroy me many times.”

The woman told AP that Bauer’s frequent sexual assaults began to cause her hair to fall out.

“It was a year of torture,” she said. “He literally woke me up for days. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep and went from £ 150 to £ 92 in 6 months. I was physically dying because of what I did. “

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