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Alarming trend of motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — As of this point last year, 22 fatal car accidents have occurred. Twenty-five fatal accidents occurred this year, 13 of which are related to motorcycles.

The latest accident on July 1st occurred at the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Aeroplaza Drive.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) said many motorcycle collisions will occur at the intersection because the driver cannot see the intersection or is distracted.

“When you pull into an intersection, you’re looking for a car, you’re not necessarily looking for a small motorcycle,” said Samkol, CDOT Road Safety Manager. “So always keep in mind that motorcycles can come in. In fact, many motorcycle deaths occur at intersections just because the driver is invisible, so advice to the driver. Please check the blind spot twice. “

CDOT advises drivers to check blind spots multiple times and wear a helmet if they are motorcyclists.

“If you’re a motorcyclist, slow down, always wear protective equipment such as a helmet, and never ride with a disability,” says Cole. “Probably a good time to increase training. The state has all kinds of training programs that can improve your skills in riding safely.”

In Colorado, motorcyclists over the age of 18 do not need to wear a helmet. For more information on motorcycle law, CDOT website..

Colorado Springs police are aiming to reduce the number of fatal collisions. CSPD works with local companies that sell motorcycles to promote and guide motorcycle education.

“We have a public education. We publish things on social media on a regular basis as part of that public education,” said Robert Tornabene, CSPD Private Public Relations Officer. “And then we are conducting targeted enforcement in areas where speed-related or death-related accidents have occurred.”

CDOT cautions drivers by saying that more people tend to be on the road during the summer.

Alarming trend of motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs Source link Alarming trend of motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs

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