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Aaron Mitchell The Hague faces a second murder charge charged with murdering Anthony Archon

Aaron Mitchell The Hague (MCSO)

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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — An Alaskan man was charged with murdering and stealing the identity of another out-of-state visitor who was found dead near the Springwater Corridor in Gresham last month.

Aaron Mitchell Hague, 32, faces a second murder and theft of personal information on suspicion of murdering 28-year-old Anthony Archon in Ohio.

Police initially struggled to identify Archon due to lack of identification and released a unique tattoo image to the public. Archon was identified a few days later, and police said state inspectors had determined he had died in “murder violence.”

Court documents reveal little about the cause of the alleged murder, but state that Archon died around March 14. The Hague was arrested on March 30th.

Hague was arrested in January 2018 on charges of drunk driving and reckless driving in Multnomah County and told authorities when he lived in his car and recently arrived in the metro area from Alaska and was looking for it. Work done.

Records show that his arrest warrant was issued in the DUII case. According to the document, he was convicted of four assaults in Alaska in 2010.

The Hague’s address in a recently submitted court document remains a PO Box in a small town in Tok, Alaska.

He has been detained on DUII’s bench warrant and murder at Inverness Prison in Portland, according to records. The lawyer appointed to his court did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Archon family is increase Money for his funeral expenses.

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Alaska man charged in Springwater Corridor slaying Source link Alaska man charged in Springwater Corridor slaying

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