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“I agreed because he really saw him able to make a difference because he was not only a person but also my mentor, and he became my boss.” Senna said.

Senna said the relationship changed in May 2019 when she “agreeed to meet at Campaign Headquarters” at Achill’s home.

Senna said Achill first gave her a hug. She then said he brushed her hair from her forehead, and told her he didn’t want to lose her.

Senna was married at the time of the incident and said her family was intimate with Akir’s family.

Senna’s statement states that Achill showed her work done at home, but eventually hugged her again, kissed her forehead, and asked if she wanted to sit down.

She claimed that their feet were touching, and he placed his hand on her left side and kissed her right cheek before she left.

“What I was most worried about was, of course, my own safety,” she said.

Senna asked Achill to stay with her, repeatedly telling her she liked her, and repeatedly apologizing.

Senna said Achill asked not to disappear while walking towards the car.

“He was in power and not only sexually abused me in the first place, but also used the same power to silence me and abuse that power,” Senna said.

Senna stopped working as Akir’s treasurer after the incident.

However, in July the two reached an agreement.

“The agreement is to work together to move forward to really defend the sexual abuse experienced by women and survivors, and to emphasize the policies that need to be changed, but then. Wasn’t the case. “My priority for healing and justice has increased.”

“After the second session, he looked for a lawyer, which really closed the door,” Senna added.

“He didn’t want to interfere with the process. He wanted to find a lawyer who had his constitutional rights,” said Akhil’s lawyer Ahmad Assed.

Assed claims that his client came from a point of sympathy after a personal conversation with Senna during the incident in question.

“He’s embarrassed to kiss his forehead,” Ased said. “And it wasn’t sexual in nature, and when he realized it was offensive to her, he retreated and immediately apologized. He was in the way explained by Mrs. Senna. I never pursued any of these things described.

Assed claims that Akhil was forced to sign a document stating that he had agreed to Sena’s statement.

“He does everything, including counseling and meeting attempts, doing everything they were asked to do, not running for public office. Instead of admitting that he made an effort, we I want to destroy him more, “said Ased. “What else is there? What else is there for him to do?”

In December, Senna filed a complaint with the state’s Ethics Commission, but was informed that it could be rejected because of her expertise.

The letter states that the Commission “has no jurisdiction over actions that took place before 1 July 2019.”

“No one asked for evidence of my cancer. No one asked for the severity of the cancer. When we talk about sexually abusive illnesses, it is treated very differently,” Senna said. “No one is afraid to stay quiet about their illness, but for this, navigating is very different, and for me to experience some of the most difficult battles through my cancer. There is even. This was very challenging.

Albuquerque City Councilor opens up after coming forward with sexual harassment claim Source link Albuquerque City Councilor opens up after coming forward with sexual harassment claim

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