Albuquerque City seeks public opinion on redevelopment of Walker properties – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2020-10-17 23:28:47 –

“I know people here deserve something for young people and older people,” said 83-year-old Lee Amador, a resident of Wells Park.

Amador has been living in the neighborhood since 1943 and wants to see a health spa.

“So, from the young people here to the elderly, we pay tribute to spas like Riverpoint.”

The city has recently purchased a property previously owned by the Walker family and plans to redevelop it. It used to be dominated by homes and businesses, but was demolished in 2002 due to nuisance and safety concerns.

Lauren Moore, who just bought a house across the premises, said she wanted a multi-purpose space.

“Especially now, local artists and companies are coming out and we can get everyone together,” Moore says. An artistic and fun place where people want to go out and get together. I think it’s really cool to be here. “

Mike Prand said he wants to see something like a park, so the whole community can enjoy it.

“Basically, a lot of people want a lot here. Some want a green space, others want a new design. They want to work with a community center to do something. Some people. Hopefully something will be accomplished. “

The city is holding a virtual meeting on Tuesday night to discuss a lot. Click here for more information on Walker Properties.

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