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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-01-13 08:30:00 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The city of Albuquerque honored the December 1st Albuquerque Award for A & R Medical Supply for providing oxygenation to patients with COVID-19. Patients who no longer needed continuous treatment but were not in good health to return home were admitted to a local hotel with A & R medical equipment.

The One Albuquerque Award is given to community members who have provided outstanding service in their work and community. At the Virtual Awards Ceremony, Mayor Tim Keller said the company had stepped up to support the community during the pandemic. “This is, in fact, one of the key points in the COVID set of challenges that A & R has actually strengthened its support, and we are very grateful,” Keller said.

Dolores Centeno has been with the company for eight years. Normally she is an account executive manager, but since the hit of COVID-19 she has acted as an intermediary between doctors and A & R drivers who provide equipment. “I can get a call between 12:00 am, 2:00 am and 3:00 am. I always answer the phone. I’m sure someone did the same for me, so I I’m going to do what I can for New Mexico and our provider, “Centeno said.

According to Centeno, the healthcare provider calls her about the patient, who is placed in the room and provides the equipment needed for recovery before returning home. “It was the base of the hospital,” Centeno said. “So people were able to have home-like comfort while being taken care of.”

She said that if people wanted to find a way to help, they would encourage them to take the precautions set by the state. “Two weeks ago we were probably pushing 20-30 oxygens (tanks) a day. Now it’s close to 10-15, so it’s declining, meaning people are listening. We do, “said Centeno. “If people continue to obey government orders, I think we can all work so as not to overwhelm the hospital.”

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Albuquerque company helped provide medical supplies to COVID-19 patients Source link Albuquerque company helped provide medical supplies to COVID-19 patients

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