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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-19 23:40:46 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The murder case, which the District Attorney Department suspected of spending a very long time returning to the back of the prison, was again taken out of prison. Jerome Gutierrez He has been accused of beating and killing his wife, Christie Rivera.

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Gutierrez was initially put in jail in June and released on October 1 because the court had not scheduled a detention trial.The district attorney Urgent order from the State Supreme Court To get him back behind the bar last week. However, when the trial was finally held on Monday, Judge Cindy Leos determined that there was not enough evidence to detain him.

Gutierrez is withdrawing awaiting trial. The judge partially said: After considering Gutierrez’s alleged confession, she was not convinced that he had actually confessed to beating his wife. Judge Leo ruled that there was no evidence of committing a new crime if Gutierrez was released.

The Second Judicial District Law Firm has issued the following statement regarding the decision:

Our office has moved to detain Jerome Gutierrez based on the findings contained in the forensic report and the disturbing facts contained in his confession to the police. .. Gutierrez pushed Rivera’s head into the wall, strangled her, and admitted that she had repeatedly abused her in the days before her death. We are disappointed that the court did not believe that these facts justified Gutierrez’s pretrial detention, but we presented our case to the jury, Christie Rivera and her. I look forward to seeking family justice.

There is no set trial date for Gutierrez.

Albuquerque man released from jail again Source link Albuquerque man released from jail again

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