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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Albuquerque almost a month after turning on three speed cameras, the number of speeders they are catching is staggering. Currently, the city is only issuing a warning, but many will face a $ 100 fine by May 25, when the actual tickets will begin to appear. The camera captured a driver running over 10 mph, nearly 200,000 times above the speed limit. One driver was doing 137mph in the 40mph zone.

Kevin Sourisseau, Chief Administrative Officer of CABQ, said:

According to the mayor’s office, it is clear that Albuquerque has a serious speed problem, and the data collected three and a half weeks after the city’s three cameras were turned on, how alarming the results are. Is shown. “Since April 25, 917,000 vehicles have passed these cameras. 21% of these vehicles have exceeded the speed limit by more than 11 miles. 32 of them have a speed limit of 60. That was over, “Soriso said. If 21% of them exceed 10 mph, it is equivalent to 188,000 cars.

Even more worrisome, the camera captured a top speed of 99 mph in Montgomery near Eubank, 116 mph at Gibson west of Washington, and 137 mph east at Gibson at the same intersection. It exceeds the 40mph speed limit there by almost 100mph. People who use these streets say it’s out of control. “137 Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me, I actually saw them. The time when they are constantly flying isn’t really important,” Bruce Padilla said.

As of May 19, the city issued 2,192 warnings to drivers. The other 188,000 still need to be confirmed by real people in the Albuquerque police station. According to the city, most of the warnings will not arrive by mail until June. The fine starting May 25th will be $ 100 per ticket, regardless of how much the driver exceeds the speed limit. The city also plans to deploy seven more cameras this summer, three of which will be on lead, coal, and Unser. The other four are still in the air.

Albuquerque speed cameras show consistently high speeds Source link Albuquerque speed cameras show consistently high speeds

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