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Alcorn State registers feather in cap for conference | Southern – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-13 22:58:00 –

Archon State University defeated Northwestern State University, a Southland conference team that visited Miss Roman on Saturday, 13-10, winning a major victory with himself and the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

Although not counted in the league rankings, the Braves (1-1) hit the HBCU program and conference.

“That’s a good thing,” Archon coach Fred McNair said in a conference call with SWAC coach Zoom. “What we do at this conference is very special. When competing with non-conference teams, top-notch FCS teams, Power 5 and FBS schools, it makes a lot of sense for this conference. Play at these schools. Your respect for things is huge. It’s great to win. “

A quarterback Felix Harper’s 1-yard touchdown run with 4:11 remaining provided points. He capped a 10-play, 92-yard drive, set up with a 50-yard pass to 3rd and 10th Manny Jones, and put the ball on Demon’s 4.

Malcolm Maggie intercepted the devil’s last possession and sealed the victory.

Harper completed 13 of the 23 passes at 204 yards and rushed 27 yards with nine carries. Archon scored two field goals from Christopher Thompson and hurriedly held the demon down to 71 yards with 36 carries.

“It was our football brand. We are tough, physical and play fast,” McNair said.

Some college football wins are messy and some are ugly at all, but when the final whistle rang, they’re all sweet.

The Braves will challenge to play for the South Alabama FBS team on Saturday.

Wasps fall

Alcorn State University gained some respect, but SWAC champion Alabama A & M (1-0) lost some.

Wasps were idle on Saturday at their next SWAC opener against Bethoon Cookman on Thursday. The Hornets were defeated by the NCA AFCS coach’s vote and moved to the team that received the vote from 22nd place.

Two teams that weren’t ranked last week, New Hampshire and Farman, ranked in the top 25 at 23rd and 25th respectively. Both teams are 2-0. Jackson State University also passed the A & M and scored 19 points in the vote.

“That’s what happens when you’re an HBCU,” said A & M coach Connell Mayner. “When you don’t play, they drop you out. That’s why I say we have to keep winning when they give us respect for putting us there.”

Wasps are ranked number one in both the media and coach BOX TOROWH BCU polls. Unfortunately, Bethoon Cookman has not benefited from the furlough. Wildcats lost 63-13 to Central Florida on Saturday.

On the plus side, Bethoon Cookman plays his first SWAC game at home.

At first, Southern defense seemed to be recovering from a break in the 55-3 defeat at Troy last week.

“This is our debut and we can play the defensive champion. It’s exciting,” said Wildcats coach Terry Sims.

Family enemy

Last week, Deion Sanders played against coach (Eddie George) who played in the NFL. This week he’s fighting an old family friend in Louisiana-Monroe’s Terry Bowden, the son of legendary Bobby Bowden, a college coach at Sanders who died earlier this year.

It’s also an opportunity for Sanders and Jackson (2-0) to win what could be a big mess in the FCS vs. FBS match. Terry Bowden wasn’t part of the coach’s staff when Sanders played, but the game commemorates Bobby Bowden’s career.

The Bowden Memorial is planned for both teams.

“I don’t care who they are, winning is winning,” Sanders said. “It doesn’t matter which plate you put it on.

“First of all, it’s Bowden. It’s going to be very emotional as I celebrate my slow, great, great, great head coach Bobby Bowden. Both teams put decals on their helmets. I’m going to find out who some of the players are. We’re going to lose, we’re getting paid to win. Let’s see how it works. increase.”

Gram ring wears out

Gram Ring is a game that gave Southern Mississippi a ball game before falling 37-0. Tigers coach Broderick Fobs played with confidence, but couldn’t launch enough attacks to challenge Southern Mississippi.

“I thought we were a very good match,” Fobs said. “We thought we were ready and felt that we could be upset. Our defense was off for 2.5 quarters. They wore us. We gave them I didn’t attack enough to put pressure on it. “

Southern Mississippi started the game on a 51-yard TD run by Frank Gore, leaving 7:26 in the third quarter. The Eagles added a field goal later in the quarter to 20-0.

Gram Ring managed an attack of only 141 yards. Quarterback Ardon Clark and Elijah Walker joined together to complete 16 of the 90-yard 32 passes in Clark’s passcut.

Quarterback Baba McDaniel answered the phone when Southern needed someone to intervene and play in a pinch.

The Tigers will move to play another FBS team in a match in Houston on Saturday.

This week’s player

Jackson won the top three SWAC Players of the Week with a 38-16 victory over Tennessee on Saturday.

Quarterback Shed Yule Sanders won the offensive honor, linebacker James Houston won the defensive award, and Warren Newman won the special team honor.

Sanders completed 30 out of 40 passes with 362 yards and 3 touchdowns. There were 10 tackles in Houston, including 4½ sack. Newman then returned an 81-yard punt for the score.

Florida A & M’s Deonte Williams defeated Fort Valley State University 34-7 and won the Rookie of the Year award for two sack and forced fumble.

Alcorn State registers feather in cap for conference | Southern Source link Alcorn State registers feather in cap for conference | Southern

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