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Cleveland (WJW) – How People Are As The Number Of Movies Filmed In Northeast Ohio Increases Tragedy like the set of the movie “Last” It could have happened.

Bill Garvey, chairman of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, says a tragic accident involving an actor Alec Baldwin It’s rare.

He said it was because the protocol was in place to keep everyone on the movie set safe.

“If the safety procedure doesn’t follow the provisions of the law, it clearly reminds us that there are real consequences. I don’t know what happened, but it really puts the spotlight on it,” Garvey said. Said.

Recently, the number of Hollywood movies filmed in the Cleveland area has increased.

In fact, the movie titled “White Noise” is currently being produced in various parts of northeastern Ohio. Garvey states that guns are a common prop in movies, but the crew explains that they are doing everything they can to ensure that guns are used safely.

“We have armor that handles all weapons. They present them as a set and present them to actors, producers, and the first assistant director, who is the safety officer for the movie set,” Garvey said. Mr. says.

Garvey says someone opens the room to make sure there are no bullets inside before the weapon is fired during the shoot.

Sometimes the gun you see is fake, but not always.

“They are real guns and don’t use real bullets. They are usually blanks, and sometimes armor takes casing and makes them themselves. What happened in this situation? I don’t know, but yeah, it’s a real gun. In most cases it’s not a real bullet, “he said.

According to Garvey, the incident involving Alec Baldwin does not necessarily change the procedure for current or future films shot in the Cleveland area, but remember to double the safety procedure.

“This happens very rarely because of industry-standard procedures in place to ensure that things are safe,” Garvey said.

“White Noise” is scheduled to end production early next month, and a new major film will begin filming here early next year.

Alec Baldwin prop gun accident, Greater Cleveland Film Commission reacts Source link Alec Baldwin prop gun accident, Greater Cleveland Film Commission reacts

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