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At the start of Friday, Sale threw 22/3 innings.

Red Sox starter Chris Sale (left) leaves ALCS Game 1 in the third inning.

The Red Sox relied heavily on the bullpen for a 5-4 defeat to the Astros on Friday as Chris Sale pitched only 22/3 innings in Game 1 of the ALCS.

The Red Sox Ace started Game 1 with a tab after experiencing the worst start of his career twice. This included Game 2’s performance at ALDS, allowing five runs in one inning.

The first two innings of the match on Friday showed some signs that the sale would continue to be sluggish. He started the game by walking the Astros lead-off batter José Altuve and allowed Alex Bregman a single after two batters. Both wild pitches moved into the scoring position, scoring Altuve on a sacrifice fly in the second half of the inning.

The sale was allowed only once and then entered, and then got into serious trouble for the second time. He made his first Astros batter, but gave up a series of singles to Yuli Gurriel and Chas McCormick before hitting Martin Maldonado.

But the sale was able to turn it around. When Altuve stood up again, he rocked the Astros star on three pitches and tidied him up with a signature slider. Michael Brantley was lined up to finish the innings from the sliders on the sails that were down and away.

Getting out of the jam made Sale feel better about Friday’s worst two outing performances at the Red Sox.

“I feel good. It feels like things are starting to click a little better,” Sale said. “I started feeling a little better on every pitch. I feel like I had the last little I was looking for. I’m excited to get back there.

“I think everything was clicked a bit better tonight as a whole. My orders were sometimes uneven, but when I really needed, I could put up with what I was looking for. “

Red Sox manager Alex Cora said he was “close” to removing the sale from the game at that point. However, he liked the match that Sale was facing and proved correct by saying, “He found another gear.”

The sale came back for the third time and retired Bregman, but gave up the back-to-back single again. Coke ended the sale day there, but he defeated Kyle Tucker in the second inning. The sale abandoned one run with five hits, one walk and two strikeouts.

Cola knows that everyone wants to see the sale longer at his start, but he liked what he saw on Friday compared to his Preview 2 start.

“He wants more. He wants to go deeper into the game,” Sale said. “But like a bullpen, and in the match we had, we felt it was the right time to take him out, but I said he threw the ball better. I believe. He is ready for the next. This guy, we rely on him, and I think he has made good progress today. “

Sale also acknowledged that he wanted to stay longer in the game. However, the Red Sox were leading 3-1 when they left the game. He wants to put the team in a position to win.

“After all, you’re just looking for a closer game at this stage of the game,” Sale said. “In the postseason, you can always work nearby. I heard Dugie (Alex Verdugo) say,” AC (Alex Cora) is playing chess. ” Is only part of his chess. game. Whatever he needs to do to me, that’s what I want. ”

The early end of the sale meant that the Red Sox bullpen spent a long night in front of them. The bullpen was stable in the first 21/3 innings and kept the match 3-1. However, in the sixth inning, Tanner Houck handed over a two-run home run to Altuve. Houck’s slider hangs in the center of the strike zone, and right-handed people pull it deep to the left to tie the game.

Hansel Robles finished in 7th place. He took command and started the inning with Bregman and Alvarez. The Robles threw four straight fastballs and then a big change-up to Corea. Correa hit the left fielder and gave Houston a 4-3 lead.

The Astros added another run for the eighth time when Hirosaku Sawamura loaded the base and Altuve knocked in the runner with a sacrifice fly. Despite the bullpen’s mistake, Cola was pleased with the performance of the unit and said, “Overall, I think we did a great job.”

“That’s the nature of the game, right? They got some big outs,” Cola said. “I don’t want to say that I made only two mistakes because I escaped on several pitches beyond the center of the plate, but they took advantage of two mistakes with Altuve on the slider. [Correa] About change-ups. We continue what we are doing. We were in the game all the way to the end. I’m happy with today’s aggressive behavior. So we just had to build up and keep going and prepare for tomorrow. “

Boston will use seven reliefs on Friday in the 5 1/3 innings. Looking ahead, Sale offered to pitch out of the bullpen if needed, and he’s a little more confident about his change-up, which he threw only four times on Friday.

“The change-up I threw tonight was exactly what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, and exactly where I wanted to be,” Sale said. “That’s what I think I can rely on a little more.

“As I said, I’ve grinded. No doubt. Then I won’t hide. I was kicked a little. It does something to me. I need to keep sharpening. I I need to keep sharpening my tools, which I think was a good thing for me personally and for the whole team. I need to keep sharpening. “

It’s very unlikely that the sale will come out of the bullpen in Game 2 on Saturday, but the Red Sox are starting someone they’re completely confident about: Nathan Eovaldi.

“I don’t think there are more people on the planet who want to pitch tomorrow than Nate,” Sale said. “Look at his post-season resume of what he did this year. To be honest, it overlaps with everyone. Where we are, who we are facing, what the lead is. I don’t care if there is or what the deficit is. It doesn’t matter. Tomorrow there are people who are perfect for the mound. That’s all I can say. “

Alex Cora, Chris Sale react to Red Sox’ Game 1 pitching in loss to Astros Source link Alex Cora, Chris Sale react to Red Sox’ Game 1 pitching in loss to Astros

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