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The Red Sox played 90-10 in the last three games, scoring just three runs.

Xander Bogaerts walks to Doug Out after attacking in Game 6 of ALCS. (AP photo / Tony Gutierrez)

The Red Sox season ended after losing 5-0 to the Astros in Game 6 of the ALCS.

Some fingers may have pointed out why the Red Sox season ended after a 2-1 rise in the series, but one fact is that it only took three runs in the last three games of the series. It was recorded.

Specifically, Xander Bogaerts’ two-run home run was made in the first inning of Game 4, so he scored only one run in the last 26 innings of the series. This was the only run in the game.

During the game, Red Sox manager Alex Cora believes the series has changed. Astros starter Zack Greinke threw just 1/3 innings in Game 4, while right-handed relief Cristian Javier threw three to three innings.

In fact, the Astros threw four right holders out of the bullpen in the last seven innings of Game 4 to keep the Red Sox scoreless. Cola admits Astros catcher Martin Maldonado called behind the plate with a lighty on the mound to explain why the series changed so rapidly.

“They made adjustments,” Coke said. “Their catchers are really good. He’s really good. He did it last year. He did it the previous year. He got out of the script and it’s very impressive. Obviously In addition, the team pitches blue and red, etc. — they pitch blue. He breaks out of the script when he feels he has to do it.

“In the middle of Game 4, they felt they were changing. They used fastballs in various places — especially their right holders, their right holders. They couldn’t catch up with the fastballs. They obviously expanded, with the slider, they always do it. I think I couldn’t score because I couldn’t catch up with the fastball in the middle of the match. “

The Red Sox problem with the Astros rights continued in Game 5. Boston did not hit Houston starter Luis Garcia in the first 52/3 innings on Friday, with only one runner struck out in a wild pitch. Two walks by Kyle Chevalber and Alex Verdugo.

The main reason the Red Sox bats were cold was due to the fact that Garcia’s fastball was the fastest ever, as he recorded the five fastest pitches of his career in Game 6. The average velocity of his fastball on Friday was 96. mph, almost 3 mph faster than his season average (93.3 mph).

“Unfortunately, we didn’t do enough. Their guy was really good,” Cola said of Garcia. “The speed has risen again. The breaking ball was outstanding. They worked again tonight and before. There was never an aggressive chance. He seems to be on top of us and we. Did not make a good swing. ”

The sixth Kike Hernandez triple started after Garcia’s no-hitter no-run. The Astros were leading only 1-0 at the time, so the right Phil Maton came in and let Rafael Devers jump out on the first pitch, 0 vs. Red Sox hitless streak with scoring runners. Extended to 15. Go to game 4.

The best chance for Boston to score came after one inning. After Houston added a run to the sixth lead, Boston was able to put a man in the corner alone in the seventh inning, following JD Martinez’s walk and Verdugo’s single.

Cola decides to substitute Travis Shaw for Christian Arroyo. The show went on to count 3-1 against the correct Kendall Graveman, but Graveman counterattacked to get the show to strike out at full count.

Verdugo took off second when the count was loaded, but Maldonado’s throw was correct. The ball landed on Carlos Correa’s glove, hovering over Verdugo’s slide, striking and throwing to finish the inning.

Cola explained that if the show could get a hit, he thought the Red Sox could have added to the score for Steele.

“I just bet on my player,” Cola said. “3-2 counts, I played against a sinkerball player and scored one point. He threw like 1-4 seconds — whatever he did — and we didn’t get in touch with him. Was thrown out. But it’s one of the sinkerball players with a 3-2 count — we were trying to score one point. At first I felt there was a good person. Time Was 1-6, 1-6.5. It was just a matter of their catcher shooting and making a perfect throw. “

The Astros went with Ryne Stanek and Ryan Pressly in the last two innings. Both retired the Red Sox to win the American League pennants.

Left-handed Framber Valdez threw eight innings and abandoned one run in match five against the Red Sox, while Cola reiterated that it was the adjustment that the Astros’ right arm won the series.

“Left-handed people were different. The biggest change was the right holder,” Cola said. “They changed the script. We knew it. Today they started a little different, but then they went to what they were working on.

“We talk about it from time to time, it’s not a lack of effort. We were trying to catch up with the fastball, and there were some counts that were good for us, but we did it. Didn’t. They went to a particular place and it was very hard. It’s one of them and you just have to tilt your hat on them. “

Kyle Schwarber was one of the many Red Sox batters who got worse as the series progressed. Following the Grand Slam in Game 3, Schwarber made one step 0-14 and only 3-25 on the plate of the 6-game series.

Like his manager, Schwarber added that you told Baldy’s “just tilt your cap” for the start of his Game 5. He has a really high ground ball rate when the guy is on. “

However, Schwarber and the Red Sox thought they had a good plan for Garcia in Game 6, especially after Garcia threw one inning plus at the start of Game 2 and allowed five runs with three walks and two hits. rice field.

The Red Sox batter did not face the same Garcia on Friday.

“Entering today, we have a game plan, you come out, and the guy is faster and a bit sharper than the first game we saw him,” Schwarber said. rice field. “There was no result, but it was resilient. Not every match after the season will get 10 runs. It’s a dream, that’s what you want. I’ve been to many postseason matches. He has played and has never recorded 10 runs in a couple of games in a row. You have to be realistic and you have to be able to tilt your hat from time to time. not.

“The guys are nice. They are paid in the same way as we do. It’s obviously frustrating for us because we came out so well and came out so well throughout the postseason. Cap Must be tilted. “

Bogaerts was another Red Sox batter who had a bad series. He won the 6-game series 5 to 26. Like Coke, he noticed a change in the series while Javier was out in Game 4. But he wants to know how the Red Sox ended up with just 10 hits in the last three games of the series.

“I wish I had an answer to them,” Bogaerts said. “I felt I had expanded the zone a bit more today. When I got home, I don’t think it was. Valdes threw a great game, we just hit a lot of balls on the ground, but Coming here, we chased some pitches — including me.

Alex Cora, Red Sox hitters explained what went wrong in the final three games of the ALCS Source link Alex Cora, Red Sox hitters explained what went wrong in the final three games of the ALCS

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