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“He loves the fact that these guys put the team in a position to compete with the rest of the season, and he wants to be part of it.”

Chris Sale will be relaunching in Portland on Sunday.

When Chris Sale and Alex Cora spoke during spring training, Sale told Cora that he wanted the Red Sox to play a meaningful game when he returned to the team later in the season.

With the Red Sox taking the lead in the American League East on Saturday and the left-handed sale approaching a return to the Big League, Cola recalled the interaction and hoped the sale would contribute this year. I shared what I was doing.

“He’s not the guy who comes here just to prepare for next year,” Cola said. “He has a mission.”

On Tuesday, Sale threw a 3 2/3 no-hitter no-run and hit 6 innings in Double A Portland. He plans to resume Sea Dogs rehab on Sunday, and Cola expects him to throw four or five innings this time.

Coke didn’t put a pitch count on it, but he said this couldn’t be the start of the final rehab on the sale. After this, when asked if at least one more thing was needed, Coke grinned and said he could need two or three more. He said he was “approaching” to return after a long journey after Tommy John’s surgery to repair his ulnar collateral ligament last March.

Regardless of the exact date, the Red Sox wants to solidify their position in the postseason, so he seems to be back sometime in August or September.

Alex Cora shares the latest on left-hander Chris Sale Source link Alex Cora shares the latest on left-hander Chris Sale

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