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Alexander McQueen Fall / Winter 2021: Only Anemone Shines

In mythology, beautiful anemone flowers have a fairly murderous reputation, but in fashion, at least in Sarah’s hands. Burton so Alexander McQueen It can lead to magic.

Alexander McQueen Fall / Winter 2021-Photo: Dior Paolo Roversi

The ancient Greeks believed that the beautiful Anemone first bloomed with the tears of Aphrodite mixed with the blood of the boar that attacked her lover Adonis. The vibrant petals and petal images by Chez McQueen inspired a collection of glamorous and bold new outfits for the coming fall and winter.

The idea of ​​breaking Burton’s convention was to take and copy an image of the flower. Copy the results again before discarding them. Incorporate the image into a dramatic dress before the next step. All 16 looks are part of a stunning lookbook series shot by master photographer Paolo Roversi in a studio in Paris. It seems to represent the Victorian landscape of Anemone as an expression of abandoned love.

Like her pre-fall collection, Burton’s fabric of choice is 100% recycled, sustainable polyfille, ideal for engraving petal-like shapes on her full skirt dress. Princess waist and adult sexy gown.

Alexander McQueen Fall / Winter 2021-Photo: Dior Paolo Roversi

“I feel that it is time to heal, breathe new life, explore the repercussions of the past and enrich the future. One of the things that makes things more beautiful and meaningful than ever before. We feel that the humanity of the teams working towards our goals is both valuable and important. We examined water, its healing properties, and anemones. Anemones are the most e-flowers. , Here it’s made of cloth forever, “explains Barton, a longtime creative director of the Maison.

Throughout, the crumpled floral print gives a fragile yet powerful impression, combining a striking image printed on a black polyfeil dress with the perfect black leather couture, sometimes like a wide lapel neckline. ..

The designer also molded the polyfille into flared flocs. Multiple vertical zippers mimic the shape of a flowering flower. The gorgeous Anemone Flock was already on display in the boutique window in a private zoomed collection on Tuesday at, a Bond Street store in London. The collection will not officially retail until August.

A selection that incorporates structural tailoring, with the back of a slim jacket sandwiched between corset-style ribbons and worn over cigarette pants. One of the perfect coral pink polyfile frowning gowns stands out in color given the recycled material.

Alexander McQueen Fall / Winter 2021-Photo: Dior Paolo Roversi

Co Coon type flight jacket and bomber for “Everyday Couture” with a bubble skirt with pockets and aqua blue sustainable polyfille cocktail. One large skirt with a giant petal pattern was laid on the floor like a giant flower 5 feet in diameter. Everything is mixed with a dense felt and denim jean jacket and cut into a couture-like jacket with corset details and military buttons.

In the evening, Burton created a series of memorable white T-shirt dresses and cocktails embroidered with metallic silver anemones and lily leaves. Everything is secured with heavy double sole pony boots and comes with a new bundle bag with chains. Some are finished in metallic silver floral.

“Women in anemone dresses have different personalities, as if they were embodied like flowers, but they are amplified, grounded, shining and powerful,” Burton summed up his dream.

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Alexander McQueen Fall / Winter 2021: Only Anemone Shines

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