Alexandra Park’s Detailed Memoirs Type 1 Diabetes: Read Excerpt


A secret struggle.Immediately before landing a lifelong role Royals, Alexandra Park I received the news that she changed her life forever: she was fighting type 1 diabetes.

Well, for the first time Everybody is well The 32-year-old star talks about her journey in a new memoir. Perfect title Sugar high..

“I was diagnosed just before I got my dream job, so I felt like I had a unique story,” said an Australian native. We weekly Only in her first book. “I made a lot of mistakes trying to make this condition compatible with my career. I think it’s a fairly common experience for people with type 1 diabetes. This can be a very isolated condition. Yes, and sometimes it makes me feel desperate. “

Park hopes to be able to help others who are experiencing all sorts of battles.

“I just wanted to share my experience with someone trying to overcome the setbacks of the road to achieving what I wanted to achieve in life.” Ben is back Star says. “I hope this book makes them feel a little lonely and everything is possible.”

Royals Alexandra Park details a journey with a memoir of type 1 diabetes
Courtesy of Alexandra Park

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In the hours I spent in the studio that day, I was moving between two fairly conflicting headspaces. On the other hand, I felt like a little champion and even flirted with the idea that this diabetes could potentially add to my desired edgy appeal. On the other hand, I felt an eerie numbness that was a mixture of shock and distrust.

I don’t think I completely believed what happened. Maybe some of me felt like a doctor called me and said I was wrong. I think some of me felt it might be temporary. In any case, the magic that’s always on the set allowed me to keep my head in the game, and in those hours I was able to forget it almost completely.

When I left the studio, it became much harder to ignore the elephants in the room. As soon as I got in the car, it seemed that a big fat elephant was sitting next to me. I named the elephant Ellis.

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Alexandra Park’s Detailed Memoirs Type 1 Diabetes: Read Excerpt

Source link Alexandra Park’s Detailed Memoirs Type 1 Diabetes: Read Excerpt

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