Alexis Stern, a teenager in Minnesota, says gamer’s ex-boyfriend Adrian Fly ordered her murder on the dark web.

“48 Hours” is conducting a global investigation to find the mysterious person behind the murder. “Find Yura — Manhunt on the Dark Web” Broadcast on CBS on Saturday, April 10th, 9 / 8c.

19-year-old Alexis Stern says police officers thought he was joking when police in his hometown of Big Lake, Minnesota told her last year that someone from Mastermind 365, also known as Mastermind 365, wanted her to die. .. However, when she learned that Mastermind365 had sent her photos and personal information to a mysterious person called Yura, she performed a dark web murder for a hiring site and paid for the hit. She says she knew it wasn’t a joke.

In 2016, she was a 15-year-old sophomore in high school. Alexis suffered from her self-esteem when a friend introduced her to a 20-year-old man online, like many of her age.

“I eventually met a man named Adrian,” Alexis told correspondent Peter Van Santo for “48 hours.”

Adrian was a video gamer and much of Alexis’ joy was in English.

“I was always biased towards the British accent, so I thought it was a kind of bonus,” she said. “I wanted a boyfriend, but it was a great opportunity.”

Alexis Stern, Left and Adrian Fly
Alexis Stern, Left and Adrian Fly

Alexis Stern

Eventually, Adrian was visiting Alexis in Minnesota. She was pleased with the attention, but she said she noticed that things were moving too fast. She said she came to find him in control, and in 2018 she censored it. Alexis says Adrian reacted angry and told her that basically all the bad things that happened to her were worthy. She felt Adrian was sending her a message.

“And what’s that message?” Van Sant asked. “That … won’t be a great end to me,” Alexis replied.

She says she became even more nervous when she began comparing emails with Adrian to Mastermind 365’s dark web hit order. Originally issued as a kidnapping contract, she noticed that Mastermind 365 had upgraded his orders to murder. It was the date that surprised her. A murder order was issued the day after she told Adrian Fry that she had a new relationship with someone else.

And it wasn’t just the timing of the hit orders that seemed suspicious. She says the languages ​​in it are also unforgettable. Alexis noticed that both Adrian and Mastermind 365 use common phrases in British English. There are some of the same typos. Both sometimes referred to themselves with a lowercase “i”. And in a habit that would become more important later, both wrote “Thank you” in one word.

By the time “48 hours” learned about Mastermind 365, we were already Survey of Yura and his dark web hitman site For many years. In 2016, a 36-year-old Minnesota dog trainer named Amy Allwine was killed by her husband Stephen. Discovered that Stephen Allwine hired Yura to arrange Amy’s murder. But when Yura didn’t give birth, he began to get impatient, so he shot his wife himself.

While investigating Allwine’s case, I met a British hacker named Chris Monteiro who had been monitoring Yura’s dark web operations for nearly five years. Monteiro has found a way to harvest Yura’s site to get information about the targets of the murder. He later passed the information “48 hours” and we notified the authorities. In total, we helped uncover about 20 active murder plans, leading to four arrests, convictions, and imprisonment.

Our work with Monteiro also helped us see what we’ve come to suspect: Yura’s hit employer’s site is a scam. But it’s a bit more comfortable for targets like Alexis Stern. Because, as Stephen Allwine proved when he handled the problem with his own hands, all high-value customers are too realistic. As if to emphasize the point, Alexis remembered one of Mastermind 365’s last messages to Yura. It still trembles on her spine.

“I’m looking for a pistol with a suppressor,” writes Mastermind 365.

In 2018, we tried to meet Yura for an interview. He launched us, but later sent us a video explaining his operation: “You can submit your order to kill people you don’t like. “He told us.

Yura is the mastermind of the dark web murder site, as seen in the video diary shared with “48 Hours.”


A few months later, we aired the first story, “Click to killer.“After the broadcast, Yura wrote to us that our report undermined his business, and he surprised us by saying he would be legal.

“I started the restaurant business … and I’m living well,” Yura writes.

We asked him to meet again, but he refused. So last summer, 48 Hours hired a dark web intelligence analyst. Called Lisa, she helped launch a global man hunt to identify and identify him...

“Looking for criminals on the dark web … isn’t for the timid,” Lisa told us.

We have begun to follow the path of the digital breadcrumb trail leading to Moldova in England, India and Eastern European countries. Then, in January of last year, we had a spectacular confrontation in Queens, New York, the last place we expected.

Lisa found evidence suggesting that someone in the Queens used the same weird password that Yura used on the dark web. I learned that someone in the same family has used an email address that includes the words “gun” and “kira”. He registered a tech company that seems to have few online footprints and recently opened a restaurant, like Yura. In early January, we faced the man on a public sidewalk.

“The investigation into the murders on the dark web led us here … and I want to ask you … are you Yura?” Van Sant asked. “WHO?” The man replied. “Yura,” said Van Santo.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said the man.

After that, the man repeatedly denied being Yura. He offered to take off the camera and meet us, but then got angry.

“Stop recording now. Hit s–t from the camera.”

Lisa further said that he was hiding something, even though he later apologized after watching a video of the encounter where he finally hit our camera and injured our cameraman. He said he was convinced.

“In my experience, innocent people don’t hit others,” she said.

“48 Hours” wanted to ask Adrian Fry about Alexis Stern’s hit order. So we tracked him down to his house in Bath, England. His brother said he wasn’t at home, so we sent a text message to Adrian to ask for an interview. He replied:

“I can assure you that you didn’t access the online web to hire someone to kill Hitman or Alexis …”

He sent us another text message to decline the interview.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity,” he wrote.

But in his message, we noticed something that surprised us. Like Mastermind365, Adrian once again wrote “Thank you” in one word.

Alexis Stern, a teenager in Minnesota, says gamer’s ex-boyfriend Adrian Fly ordered her murder on the dark web.

Source link Alexis Stern, a teenager in Minnesota, says gamer’s ex-boyfriend Adrian Fly ordered her murder on the dark web.

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