Alfa Romeo skillfully explores the history of brand design

Alfa Romeo celebrated 110 in 2018th anniversary With e-book It mapped important waypoints along the road to the car maker’s past from the company’s original name.Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili— Eventually shortened to Alfa, 2019 Giulia Quadrifolio. This year, with another famous Italian, the explosion of red, enthusiasm and muse at the same time as the celebration of St. Valentine in Rome in the 3rd century, the Italian car maker released a second e-book, Download for free, Appropriate title passion..

The theme this time is Alfa Romeo’s art, inspiration and influence. Starting with the company’s nearly 90-year-old Centro Stile Design Center, this book is as much about art in general, especially Italian art, as it is about any car or crossover.

Grounding the reader in the context of Alfa Romeo design, the book begins humbly Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian..The first car does not appear in passion Up to page 26. Still, the 1952 Disco Volante and all subsequent vehicles back up all the points Alfa Romeo’s chief exterior designer Alessandro Macquarini made on the phone earlier this week on lines, shapes and volumes.

Throughout passion100 pages, many Alfisty, Art and design students, and regular old car enthusiasts absorb and learn. Roman arches and Castiglioni lamps are mixed with twice the parabola of the 156 sedan’s “Saddle Mathematics”. After Alfa announced 33 Stradale in 1967 Italian designer Bertone In less than a year, we repaired the car chassis with the 1968 Carabo concept and teleported a timely design to a menacing, ultra-efficient sports car of tomorrow. The 2021 Julia Quadrifolio front fascia shows that it closely resembles the 1963 Alfa 1300 Sprint. On the other hand, behind, Alpha lays out the following chart. Coder Tronca An illustration-like design of an ape that evolves into a human-cut-off tail.


And now Tonale subcompact crossover Debuted in a compact form, passion Feel free to pick up where the 2018 book was interrupted and connect Alpha’s past and future. The Julia GT of the 1960s provided the GT line that defines its shoulders to the Tonale concept. The iconic 1989 SZ’s three-square headlights have evolved into a subcompact peoplehowler triple-frame LED headlight signature.And the opening of Tonare’s greenhouse has been cribbed since 2007 8C Competizione..

It’s just a Valentine’s Day weekend message, and even a cry to the ancient goddess of fertility and Gaetano Pesse’s “up” chair. passion I have something for everyone. You can’t make up for the lack of a date, but it makes a great reading while you wait for a date to prepare for a socially distant dinner.

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Alfa Romeo skillfully explores the history of brand design

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