Alice Guy: First Lady of Film (SelfMadeHero), by Catel Muller and Jose-Louis Bocquet – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Outside of screen roles, women had limited options in the film industry around the world. At least that was the case after the introduction of sound and the consolidation of her studio in Hollywood. But things were different in the early 20th century, when filmmaking was new and open to everyone, including minorities such as Jews and women who were discriminated against half the world’s population.

French filmmaker Alice Guy was particularly noted among women in the early film industry. She directed her first film in 1896 and was instrumental in establishing her Gaumont studio before she moved to the United States in 1907.

Graphic novel authors Katel Müller and José-Louis Boque tell her story in frame-by-frame black and white photography.their first lady of the movies Also included are biographies of her contemporaries and collaborators, and a chronology from the “first permanent photograph” (a French invention) beginning in 1822 to 1976 (the belated publication of Guy’s memoirs). It’s also a useful resource on early film history. Along the way, she directed hundreds of pictures, most of them short. She made her last film in 1920, written out from her early history of cinema by a man trying to claim her own honor.She died in 1968. is largely not recognized.

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August 11, 2022

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