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Top policymakers and business leaders will effectively meet next week at the DealBook DC Policy Project to discuss the future of politics, economy, markets and more. Register here and join us for free from anywhere in the world.

With the new administration in Washington, the actual work and debate on policy priorities will begin in earnest. We gathered the most influential players in the conversation and participated as part of a two-day event. DealBook DC Policy Project, It starts on Monday.

Between the health crisis and the associated recession, there are important policy issues regarding future directions. And it’s about the policies needed to produce a sustainable and lasting recovery, as well as the stimuli needed to restart the economy in the short term. Everything from taxes to labor, trade, competition and markets is at the table.

The project began in December with a series of roundtable meetings with experts. Climate policy, Sino-US relations, The future of capitalism And More.. Starting Monday, we’ll delve into a series of decision makers and details to understand what they think of the most pressing challenges we face. We hope that all of us will be able to think a little deeper about our role in creating solutions, away from the sessions of national conversation.

The agenda is as follows. Please join us..

Monday, February 22 9 am-9:30am

The road out of the pandemic is paved with debt. The White House is forecasting another large spending package in addition to the $ 1.9 trillion economic aid program underway in Congress. Focus on infrastructure..Although the economy is recovering Faster than expected, It remains fragile and uneven.

Navigating this path Janet Yellen, Former Federal Reserve Chairman who took over the Treasury Secretary last month. She faces pressure to reduce the deficits that swelled during the worst of the pandemic recession and address the fear of aggressive spending. Can cause inflation As the accumulated demand is released.In addition to boosting the economy, Yellen’s to-do list includes a review of Wall Street deregulation under former President Donald J. Trump, a reset of US trade relations, and Comprehensiveness, climate and other priorities Policy making in a more comprehensive way than previously attempted.


“”dailyDig deeper into Yellen’s biography and explained how her career influenced her thinking.The smartest thing we can do is to act big“She said at a confirmation hearing.

Monday, February 22nd 2:30 pm-3 pm

Leticia James Today, there are cases and investigations on her plate that get more attention than most lawyers manage in their lifetime. Her use of power also emphasizes how states can shape national policy.

New York Attorney General Sued Amazon This week, he unabashedly accused the company of failing to protect warehouse workers during a pandemic. To block charges..her Recent inquiries Deaths at nursing homes revealed the fact that New York had significantly underreported its numbers. Her office also undertakes the handling of the NYPD. Protest of racial justice Last year we were investigating Donald Trump scams Commercial transactions In a civil lawsuit that could be a criminal case.she is Sue the National Rifle Association Its leadership in allegations of cheating.

She leads a coalition of state attorney generals Use FacebookAccuses the tech giant of illegally crushing the competition.And yesterday she also worked with other AGs to urge Congress to cancel. Federal Student Loan Debt In the name of consumer protection.

And that’s just a short list.


When James was elected in 2018, she shattered A trio of racial and gender barriers: The first woman to be elected Attorney General in New York, the first black woman to be elected to a state-wide position, and the first black to serve as Attorney General.

Monday, February 22nd, 3:30 pm-4: 00 pm

Last year was “the toughest year in Delta’s history.” Edbastian, Chief Executive Officer of the airline. The airline reported a loss of more than $ 12 billion due to a travel suspension during the pandemic.But unlike its rivals, Delta Avoid mass furloughs, And that refused Bailout loan, choose to raise money instead Take advantage of that loyalty program..

In addition to feeling the economic impact of a pandemic, the aviation industry is at the center of one kind of health policy debate. Make a mask mandatoryAnother thing about what airlines are welcoming, and about requesting a coronavirus test before traveling, they Resisted For domestic flights.

With more than $ 150 million saved daily across the industry, there is no meaningful turnaround until higher profit margins. Business trip picks up.. However, some experts say that face-to-face meetings may never be permanently replaced by video conferencing, and corporate travel may never be fully restored.


“”Leadership is not a popular contestBastian told a corner office columnist in an extensive interview about managing the company through boom and bust.

Monday, February 22 4 pm-4:30pm

Since resigning as Microsoft CEO in 2014 Steve ballmer Busy as NBA’s most energetic team owner.. He also founded USA Facts, a non-profit group that aims to present important data about the United States in an easy-to-read format.

Ideas behind the group, the project includes: U.S. annual scorecard Modeling a company’s annual report, it gives Americans an important fact about their government that they need to make informed political decisions. Ballmer’s group aims to work with scholars and other professionals to “understand what the government is actually doing” with taxpayer money.


Here, $ 3.4 trillion in financial remedies (equivalent to $ 10,300 for all Americans) Spent The past year.

Tuesday, February 23, 12:30 Pm-1 Pm

Karen Lynch We took over CVS Health this month as the pharmacy chain is at the center of our efforts to fight the pandemic. In cooperation with the government, we distribute coronavirus vaccine not only in stores but also in nursing homes and living support facilities.To support those efforts, the company Hired 15,000 people Employee at the end of last year.

President Biden warns:HugeLogistics hurdle to development. CVS that can be added $ 1 billion profit We also aim to reach a poorly serviced community over the next year from the program. Imbalance the effects of a pandemic..


Employment market Pharmacists are booming As the chain is rushing to the staff to handle the vaccination demand.

Tuesday, February 23, 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Nothing else has caught the attention of Wall Street in the last few weeks. Memestock maniaAs video game retailer GameStop and other unlikely companies have temporarily become the hottest on the market. At the heart of the enthusiasm was online brokerage firm Robin Hood, who attracted millions of users with no-fee trading, but when he stopped trading GameStop and other stocks at the height of his mania. I got angry among them.

Vladimir TenevRobin Hood’s co-founder and chief executive officer is in the limelight.He faced Time for hostile questions At a parliamentary hearing on Thursday, a hearing about Robin Hood’s business practices drew attention to the normally ambiguous things such as order flow payments, clearinghouse deposit requirements, and timing of transaction settlements. Tenev sought some changes to other practices, while defending them.

Join him Jay Clayton, A veteran Wall Street lawyer who led the Securities and Exchange Commission during the Trump administration.From Beginning of his tenureClayton said his mission is to protect “the long-term interests of main street investors.” To that end, the commission cracked down on his watch cryptocurrency scam. What the SEC is currently doing (if anything) to address another potential episode of the meme stock turmoil (or something like that) is controversial. (Mr. Clayton then returned to an American company and Lead an independent director Of Apollo Global Management. )


Citadel Securities Is a mysterious company that handles more than a quarter of all stock trading in the United States (including most of Robin Hood’s trading) and has become a major player in discussions about the future of market structures.

Tuesday, February 23, 5:30 pm-6 pm

To Clear contrast Senator to many of his party colleagues Mitt RomneyUtah Republicans crossed the party’s border twice to vote to convict President Donald Trump in an impeachment article.

Romney also recently proposed Family benefit program It will offer a monthly payment of up to $ 350 per child, which was met with approval from many Democrats.It Friendly comparison To the plan from President Biden.

Some have accused him of being there Republican by name onlyRomney is actually politically conservative and works with right-wing members of his party.He Drafting the bill Together with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, he raised the minimum wage while banning businesses from hiring undocumented immigrants. This is typical of Romney’s approach, as long as he mentions concerns on both sides of the aisle.

All about DealBook DC policy projects

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