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in the meantime Marc AnthonyThe most notable relationship of may be a 10-year marriage with a pop superstar Jennifer LopezThe 52, 53 year old musician and actor have been married twice more.He walked down the aisle with the ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, 47, 2000, before the 2004 wedding with Jennifer.Following the separation of him and the “on the floor” singer, he married a model Shannon De Lima, 33. The marriage lasted for two years.

Despite being divorced three times, Mark hasn’t given up on love. May 12th, he and his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira, 23, announced their engagement. You may be wondering if the fourth is Anthony’s charm, but here we look back at his past marriage and his relationship with the Pageant Queen Fiance.

Dayanara Torres

Marc Anthony Dayanara Torres
Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony walk the aisle in 2000 (Photo: Andres Leighton / AP / Shutterstock)

Puerto Rican actress, reality star, former Miss Universe Dayana La Torres and Marc Anthony walked the Las Vegas aisle in 2000.They welcomed their two children to the world together: a boy Christian When Ryan, Born in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Christian and Ryan were the first children of the couple together, Mark had two children, Ariana When TrackingPreviously with his ex-girlfriend, Debbie Rosad..

The relationship between Dayanara and Mark was full of ups and downs. For example, they broke up in July 2002, but settled in December of that year and renewed their vows. CBS News.. However, their love was counted after giving birth to their second son, and in 2004 they divorced after filing a mutual divorce petition.

Dayanara with her Fire man Divorce of actors at Univision’s Spanish Dance Competition Show Mira Quien Baila “The hardest moment in my life was arguably a divorce,” she said with tears. people.. “Now, years later, someone can look back and say,’What did you know, it had nothing to do with me.'”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage is Marc’s longest (Photo: Jim Smir / BEI / Shutterstock)

Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Marc Anthony Neither was easy. They met in 1998 behind the scenes of a Broadway musical. Capeman, Mark participated. Apparently, some of Mark’s first words to the “Jenny from Brock” singer were that he would marry her someday, which she recalled in her 2015 memoirs, true love.. But they didn’t date right away.Jennifer divorced her First husband, Ojani Noa, 1998.Then she dated the rapper P. DiddyMarried to her backup dancer and divorced Chris JuddDated and obtained Engaged in Ben AffleckShe is famous Rekindled her love Mark’s prediction came true in 2004. After having a date, he quickly walked down the aisle with Jennifer.

The couple seemed to be stronger when they welcomed twins Max When Aimer However, rumors of trouble began around 2009, and some involved Mark’s ex-wife, Dayanara. Dayanara immediately spoke against gossip. “There are a lot of bad people out there,” she said. Ernue BodiaAround People Empanol.. “He’s the father of my children. I’m not going to waste energy on these rumors.” Two years later, Jennifer and Mark announced a divorce, but did not legally end the marriage until 2014. It was.

Jennifer opened about her Positive relationship with Mark There seems to be absolutely no bad blood between their former lovers, several times since their divorce. “Mark and I are very good friends. We are very supportive,” she spouted. Huffington Post “I think it’s my responsibility as a mom when I don’t have a dad. It’s a suspicion when he’s not or I’m not seeing him that tells them that he loves them so much. It’s my job to do it just like his job when he says with them “Mom is working and she loves you”. “

In addition, while Jennifer and Mark were working together on a Spanish album in 2017, she revealed that the collaboration made them closer. “Honestly, we’re always going to be great friends. I’m always there for him, he’s always there for me,” she said. live!With Kelly and Ryan.. What a wonderful thing!

Shannon De Lima

Marc Anthony Shannon De Lima
Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony have been married for two years (Photo: Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Venezuelan models Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony walked the aisle in 2014 at an intimate ceremony at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic. They started dating in 2012 after Mark left Jennifer and had a very quiet relationship. But after two years of marriage, Stop the pair called itAnnounced the split in November 2016.

“Marc Anthony is overwhelmed by his recent division [with Shannon De Lima],” Source Speaked exclusively HollywoodLife.com Following the news. “This will make the divorce third for him. He wants to date together away from the woman and focus on himself and his father for now.”

The couple had no children, but Shannon had a son from a previous relationship, and in 2017 Mark revealed that he was still in contact with him. “When he saw Mark again, it was very nice,” she said in a Univision episode. Despierta AméricaAround people.. “Mark was his dad. Dani still calls him” daddy. ” Dani has a dad, but Mark will be a “daddy mark” forever. She also confirmed that she and Mark always maintained a good relationship.

Nadia Ferreira

Marc Anthony Nadia Ferreira
Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira got engaged after a few months of dating (Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

Mark did take a break from the woman, but he never gave up on love.He made his red carpet debut She, Madunicola, At the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards. However, by early 2022, rumors began to swirl that Mark and the model, former Miss Universe contestant Nadia Ferreira, were dating, and the relationship was soon discovered as they were discovered together on a trip to Mexico City. It ended in. They went to Instagram officially in March and were never shy to show off their love, often sharing each other’s snaps and their daily lives online. By May, they were engaged.

Nadia announces engagement Becoming a Grammy-winning musician through the Instagram story on May 12th. “@marcanthony”, she wrote a photo of a stunning diamond ring. I don’t know exactly when their engagement happened, but Nadia probably said “yes” during a Florida vacation with Mark, where they were enjoying time together a few days before the announcement. Up to the exciting news, Nadia posted on social media and toasted with champagne before the night of a luxury yacht party in the Miami waters. She was already wearing a ring during those celebrations. Congratulations to the happy couple!

All about his relationship and fiance – Hollywood Life

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