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All at-risk children in SC will soon be able to enroll in state-funded 4K programs – Valley Stream, New York

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Columbia, South Carolina (WSPA) — State legislators will fund a free all-day 4K expansion for all endangered 4-year-olds in the state.

The Budget Council Committee has approved measures to secure $ 34 million for expansion. Next week, South Carolina legislators will approve this and the entire budget plan.

Governor Henry McMaster proposed this idea in his executive budget. The proposal has gained bipartisan support in the State Capitol over the last few years.

Currently, the program is aimed at poor children in 39 of the 46 South Carolina counties who are eligible for Medicade, homeless, or foster care.

South Carolina First Steps The change will almost double the number of children who can enroll in 4K programs for free throughout the day, he said.

“This fills the gap and ensures that children starting kindergarten are not ready. The program is just as ready as any other child,” said Georgia Mujartan. I will. “

According to a recent study, only 27% of children who started kindergarten in South Carolina this year were ready, according to Mjartan. “It’s unacceptable. We need to work together as a state to ensure that all children start with that fair opportunity in a good life.”

In a statement, Molly Spareman, Education Supervisor, said these programs were a necessary component for success beyond kindergarten.

You can read her full statement below:

“Our youngest learners are essential to be prepared to succeed as kindergarten children by the time they enter the school door. High quality provided by South Carolina’s public school districts and the First Steps Network of Private Providers. The free 4K program showed promising results and helped provide the components needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. The funding provided by this year’s state budget extends current offerings throughout the state. And ensure that all at-risk students have the opportunity to receive quality early childhood education. This funding shows that South Carolina understands the importance of early childhood. South Carolina is looking forward to working with First Steps to continue expanding 4K in the state over the coming months and years. “

Molly Spareman, State Education Supervisor

The South Carolina Education Society said it believed this was a good move. President Sherry East said that if more students were ready, this would also help kindergarten teachers throughout the state. “We need to distinguish between students who know their ABC and those who first enter school at the age of five,” she said.

She hopes this will allow more South Carolina students to read books at the grade level by grade 3 or earlier.

For more information on the free all-day 4K option Click or tap here..

All at-risk children in SC will soon be able to enroll in state-funded 4K programs Source link All at-risk children in SC will soon be able to enroll in state-funded 4K programs

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