Alligators, sewage, bears and snakes are just some of the reasons to stay away from Florida’s floods, officials say

Hurricane Ian affected far and wide damage and flooding In Florida, much of the state is submerged in several feet of water. Continue trekking to the East CoastFlooding is still raging, and authorities are warning residents to stay indoors and stay out. Dangerous wildlife is a big reason.

Collier County government tweeted Thursday afternoon that “floods are dangerous.” “Our area has received reports of sewage, crocodiles and snakes in the floodwaters. Please stay away.”

These reports have not been confirmed by CBS News, but video footage is circulating showing these risks.Posted by a local NBC affiliate reporter video On Thursday, she showed an alligator swimming in floodwaters in Lake County and said it looked like “about nine or ten feet.” said, adding that creatures usually don’t like to “come out of the swamp”.

Florida fish and wildlife officials said on Tuesday that “large storms increase wildlife activity.”

“Alligators, snakes and bears can be more likely to be encountered, so stay alert and remember to give them space.” Said in a Facebook post. I advised anyone who came across a wild animal to report it to the department.

Large parts of the state experienced heavy flooding, and in some areas, record levels were also expected in the interior.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday morning, “Rising water levels are likely to continue to rise even now that the storm has passed, essentially a 500-year flood event.” Some of the floods seen in areas hundreds of miles away set records.”

Flooding can increase the risk of drowning, and Florida’s emergency management department warns that the water could be contaminated and filled with dangerous debris. Underground or downed power lines that are electrification Water – Potentially fatal hazard.

Emergency officials also urged people not to drive on flooded roads, saying:close to half Some of the people who lost their lives in the floods are those who try to drive through flooded areas.” Do not drive around barricades.

In areas most severely affected by storms and floods, the degree of disruption can make it difficult for first responders to reach the scene of an emergency, said Kevin Guthrie, the division’s chief executive. warns repeatedly.

“Keep in mind that safety concerns may prevent first responders from entering the affected areas immediately,” he said. Said Wednesday evening. Alligators, sewage, bears and snakes are just some of the reasons to stay away from Florida’s floods, officials say

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