Almost half of Republicans believe the United States must withstand mass shootings.U.S. politics

Almost half of Republican voters have to live in a gunfire incident, as Washington politicians are negotiating gun control, according to a poll released in the aftermath of a Texas elementary school murder last month. I believe.

The CBS and YouGov Voting It returned familiar results, including 62% support for a national ban on semi-automatic firearms, the type of gun used in Uvalde, Texas.

On May 24, 19 18-year-old children and 2 adults who legally purchased weapons were killed at Rob Elementary School.

However, clear national support for such a rifle ban has not been reflected in Congress. RepublicanFinancially supported by powerful gun lobbying, it is relentlessly opposed to restricting access to these weapons.

Senator led by Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy and Texas Republican John Conin, who were elected after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 in a horrifying effort at an event in Yuvalde. Can be reformed in some ways.

Such efforts are primarily focused on the “danger signal” law, which aims to prevent the purchase of guns by others or those who are considered to be at potential risk to themselves.

A CBS / YouGov poll found 72% support for such a law. Federal background support for all gun purchases was performed at 81%.

Joe Biden Called To ban offensive weapons, or at least raise the minimum age for purchasing such weapons. In a new poll, 77% said the minimum age to buy an assault rifle should be higher than 18. 32% said they were 21 and 45% had to choose 25.

When asked if mass shootings are “unfortunately something that must be accepted as part of a free society” or “something that can be prevented if you really try”, 72% of respondents stop shooting. I answered that I could.

Eighty-five percent of Democratic respondents said the shootings could be stopped if US politicians tried. It was 73% for independents.

However, 44% of Republicans said mass shootings should be accepted as part of a free society.

Following strict message guidelines, Republican politicians have repeatedly stated that mental health and security issues are not due to gun access, but to mass shootings.

In a new poll, respondents also said, “No matter how you feel about this issue, how likely is Congress to pass a law that will make significant changes to gun policy within the next few months? Do you think? “

Only 7% thought Congress was “very likely” to act in the end, while a total of 69% thought it was “not very” or “not at all”.

Republicans who have expressed openness to reform are facing an immediate backlash.

New York Parliamentarian Chris Jacobs on Friday Abandoned His bid for reelection after arousing anger by expressing support for the federal government’s ban on offensive weapons.

Jacobs represents the outskirts of Buffalo, and 10 people were shot dead in a supermarket on May 14, as authorities say it was a racist attack.

Mass shootings are broadly defined as shootings in which four people, except the shooter, are injured or killed, and have continued since Buffalo and Yuvarde.Gunman at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week killed Two doctors, a receptionist and a patient.

According to the non-profit Gun Violence Archive Next weekend Mass shootings have occurred in Philadelphia, Chattanooga, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, New York, and Michigan. Fifteen people were killed and more than 60 were injured.

The Gun Violence Archive 246 mass shootings In the United States in 2022, it is much more than once a day.

On Sunday, Murphy discussed his promotion of reform. He told CNN: “The chances of success are higher than ever, but I think the consequences of the failure of our democracy as a whole are more important than ever.”

Almost half of Republicans believe the United States must withstand mass shootings.U.S. politics

Source link Almost half of Republicans believe the United States must withstand mass shootings.U.S. politics

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