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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-04-07 22:14:44 –

Twenty-five members of Vancouver Canucks tested positive for COVID-19, including 18 active roster members, 3 tax officers, and 4 staff.

The club confirmed on Wednesday that the entire team remained quarantined during the outbreak.

Canucks last played on March 24th. The NHL has postponed all Canucks games until April 12.

Jim Bovard, a doctor on the Canucks team, and Josh Douglas, a doctor for infectious diseases, issued a joint statement stating that the cause of the outbreak began with an individual being infected in a community environment.

“This is a clear reminder of how fast the virus can spread, even among healthy and young athletes, and its serious consequences,” said the doctor.

The doctor did not disclose the condition of the person who tested positive.

Athletic Many who tested positive reported experiencing severe symptoms, and for some players this was their second COVID-19 infection.

Canax is part of the 7-team “North Division” of all Canadian teams. Due to border regulations, teams are not allowed to cross the US-Canada border.

Although there were some contests that were canceled due to COVID-19, the NHL almost avoided the massive outbreaks that hit Vancouver.

MLB encountered several outbreaks across the team during the 2020 season, forcing some teams to postpone the game for a few weeks.

Professional sports have relied heavily on frequent COVID-19 tests to compete, but their plans have never been certain.

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