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Honolulu (KHON2) — Many groups are on the lookout for security in Waikiki Tourists returning to the island.. It is also their mission to ensure that visitors are taking extra aloha.

The work of the Waikiki Aloha Ambassador did not stop during the pandemic. These workers improve the health and safety of residents and visitors alike.

Cam Mullenaux recently joined the Aloha Ambassador. He said he was looking for a career change. Mullenaux is a power washer that cleans the city of Waikiki every morning.

“It’s nice to have a clean sidewalk, whether it’s at the bottom of a pedestrian crossing, in a trash can, in a high-contact area, or on the ground,” says Mullenaux.

Aloha Ambassadors are contracted by the city and the Waikiki Business Plaza. Over 40 staff members made up the ambassador, and the majority of these essential workers continued to work during the pandemic.

Ambassadors have different roles. Some are pretty and some greet. Joshua Lewis has been biking around Waikiki as part of a safety unit for almost nine months.

Lewis said, “Good, bad, ugly, you name it. I saw it all.”

He said in July 2020 the streets of Waikiki were almost empty. But the visitor is back. Aloha Ambassadors said it was a daily routine to alert people not to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk or wait for a pedestrian crossing signal.

Lewis is aware that there are few reports of trivial crimes

“Before the pandemic, they had their heads at home. You left your car key somewhere and wondered why it was gone,” Lewis said. I did. “But now they are using their brains a lot, so we don’t hear much about thieves.”

Honolulu police report a low criminal propensity in Waikiki. Only 60 robbers were reported from January to May 2021, but 104 in 2019, when the tourism industry was strong.

But that’s not all. Car intrusions have also decreased, with 118 reported in 2021 compared to 152 in 2020. Overall arrests are also much less.

Lewis suspects that the pandemic has raised people’s awareness. “Everyone seems to be more responsible now,” he said.

Aloha Ambassadors enhance public safety as tourism returns to Waikiki Source link Aloha Ambassadors enhance public safety as tourism returns to Waikiki

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