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HONOLULU (KHON2) — KHON2’s weekly “Aloha Authentic” segment highlights different roads around the world. Pai Aina You can clarify the meaning of the name.

It’s time to turn our attention to vines, which have healing properties.

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Within Ahupuaa Waikiki Chele in Moku Standing in Kona, Oahu, is a street bearing the name of a plant used for both healing and healing. HulaThat street is Kaunaor Street.

Kaunaoa is a vine endemic to Hawaii and is parasitic. In other words, it attaches to the host plant and obtains nutrients.

In the history of the island, Kaunaoa Laau lapaau, Or a Hawaiian natural medicine.

Helps improve the immune system and overall health.

Known as the “blood builder,” this plant helps to strengthen the resistance of pregnant women to disease.

Used in late pregnancy, Kaunaoa can help the delivery process from pain during childbirth to nourishing both the foetation and the mother.

It is the juice of the grapes that is extracted and consumed.

However, please consult your Hawaiian doctor first before doing this yourself.

In the art of Hula, Varieties with no healing properties are used.

Vines are harvested and entwined to make lays and ornaments to accompany. Hula People in their dance.

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