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Honolulu (KHON2) — KHON2’s weekly “Aloha Authentic” segment paeʻāina Therefore, the meaning of those names can be clarified.

It’s time to turn our attention to the plants used in the art of healing.

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In Ahupuaa Of Wailua in Moku Kauai’s Puná Island stands on Homestead Street, which gives the Hawaiian name to a plant called the Morning Glory.

That street Koari Street.

Koari There are many varieties and it is considered to be a plant endemic to Hawaii. The vine belongs to the sweet potato family and is generally considered a weed.

However, Koari It has many uses that helped the people of ancient Hawaii and is still in use today.Hawaiian, word Koari It means “swing or swirl”.

Therefore, it makes sense that this plant is used to entangle ropes and nets.In times of famine, there are several types Koari It was used as an alternative food when other crops failed.

To Laau lapaau, Or Hawaiian natural medicine, Koari Used externally to help treat fractures.

Flowers, leaves, vines, roots are collected, crushed and placed directly on the skin, then -Leaves as a bandage.

The juice of this plant is used internally as a laxative.

Some of the plants are toxic, but consult a cultural practitioner before doing anything yourself.

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