Alt-Country Band Ladybird Touches on Broken Dreams, Growth on Debut EP – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-18 10:31:42 –

“Would you like to join the Drive-By Truckers rip-off band?”

The pitch to recruit members for Pete McDermott’s new alternative band, Ladybird, certainly didn’t seem to sell the product. In McDermott’s defense, it may seem difficult to predict that the band will hit the Milwaukee music scene as if they were here. Immediately after announcing the band’s existence, they released four EPs and packed their debut show with cacti. Club and then embark on a short weekend tour to the east. However, given the amount of dedication McDermott is devoting to the project, one might suspect that he knows exactly what he is doing.

“It’s like betting on yourself,” says McDermott. “I believe in these songs, and just saying them out loud makes a lot of sense.”

McDermott is more recognized as Milwaukee-based folk singer Pete Freeman. Pete Freeman Vogue A 2018 article that seeks to spread national awareness of Milwalky’s coolness. In his name, he released two full-length albums, two EPs, and the frequently requested “Front Row Amy” single, a love song dedicated to Milwaukee Brewers super fans.

More serious approach

And if the theme of the song didn’t make it clear enough, Pete Freeman navigated the storytelling in a carefree tone that was often bullied by the area of ​​humor on the tongue of the cheek. Ladybugs, meanwhile, see McDermott taking a more serious approach to his writing.

“Now that I’ve listened to these songs millions of times, the theme I’ve noticed deals with dreams of loss, growth, nostalgia and broken dreams,” says McDermott. “I spend a lot of time thinking, but all the shit that wasn’t really comfortable to put into words until now.”

About Ladybird’s debut release Introduction…, McDermott maintains his typical storytelling style across the four tracks, but this story is the type expected to be told by friends over a beer at the end of a hard day. There are lessons learned and hindsight ideas, but overall, it’s a message of patience.

This makes a lot of sense given the events that led to the birth of ladybugs. McDermott quit his long career as a school social worker and poured his money into his dream of playing rock and roll music with his friends. Seize the opportunity for something that really makes him happy. ) It’s such a millennial version of the American dream-quit your job and make you happy.

And for those who find that the word “country” leaves a dirty taste in their mouth, ladybugs are as rock’n’roll bands as the country bands known to sing by Donnie and Marie Osmond. .. The opening track “Zoomer” will start the EP and set the pace with exciting trot. McDermott laments, “I have a beer topic and a broken dream / so I break the fifth can and scream.” And that pace hardly slows down during the EP. Overdriven guitars and melancholic leads are the protagonists of the show. This is not found in many of Pete Freeman’s discography.

“There is far more energy than the entire singer-songwriter folk musician,” says McDermott.

So what is McDermott’s new goal now that his life has changed dramatically, with an album that begins with a line about broken dreams, and dreams and aspirations play a big role in the DNA of the sound of ladybugs. I ask the question. “Well, I want to be Bruce Springsteen,” McDermott smiles. “I just want to tour and play live music for people.”

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