Amanda Berry joins U.S. Marshals to find missing people – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-01-13 22:04:37 –

Cleveland – US Marshals Service in Cleveland is at the forefront of a national movement to find missing children. Now they are seeking help from Amanda Berry, the defender of Fox 8’s missing person.

In August, US Marshals Service worked with local police to help safely find dozens of missing children in northeastern Ohio. They called it an “operation safety net” and it was a huge success.

“We ended up recovering or safely finding 35 missing boys during that period,” said inspector Bill Bordin. “This is three to four times what we usually find.”

Based on their success, Bordin and his team were asked to teach other missing children what they had learned.

“The lessons learned from doing this have actually evolved into training programs and are now supporting other marshalls across the country,” says Boldin. “We are trying to set up these programs and operations and do a better job of getting out there and finding missing.”

Pete Elliott is a United States Marshals Service in the Northern District of Ohio. “Operation Safety Net” actually put Cleveland on the map, he says. “We are role models for different parts of the country and I am very proud of it. We will continue to go there to find the missing,” he said.

That’s where Amanda Berry, the defender of Fox 8’s missing person, comes in. “You are a living example of what is right,” Elliott told her.

Along with Gina Dyes and Michelle Knight, Berry was kidnapped and detained in Cleveland for years. After their escape, each woman continued to defend the other victims.

Berry used his experience to create a PSA to play during a martial training session. This message is intended to motivate US Marshals Service and Deputy Task Force police officers working on the Missing Person case.

“Without my mother spending the day and night trying to get law enforcement to take my case seriously, I could have easily gone through the crack,” Berry said in her recorded message. Told. “But not everyone has a relentless mother like me. So that’s your turn. I need to think of every incident as if it were my child. There is. “

“You can be one of those my mom needed. Those who are fighting with her. Those who never gave up. Thanks to the US Marshal, Deputy Marshal and their partners. I I hope you never give up. My mother and I never did. “

This message was well received by Inspector Bordin. “You are an example of positive results,” he told Berry. “Your story impressed everyone. You are an inspiration and a reason to do what we are doing.”

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Amanda Berry joins U.S. Marshals to find missing people Source link Amanda Berry joins U.S. Marshals to find missing people

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