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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-12 07:00:41 –

Members of Amani United, a resident-led community group, are engaged in a leadership power struggle. (Photo by Adam Car)

The former president of Amani United, a resident-led community group, is fighting to regain his job after being impeached on Saturday for allegations of negligence in his position.

Local activist Corey Kirkwood has played a leading role since January.

“He simply doesn’t do his job,” said Elizabeth Brown, chairman of Amani United and a person who raised performance concerns about Kirkwood. “Ten months after his term, he hasn’t even met our partner. It’s literally his job.”

Amani United Gather residents to discuss and try to solve problems in the Flax area. He also oversees Amani’s neighborhood revitalization program.

According to Brown, Kirkwood has refused to work with other members of the group, so Amani United has no effect.

Kirkwood disagrees with that claim.

“This impeachment is not a community issue, but a personal issue,” he said.

On Saturday, Amani United hosted a private meeting for residents with mediators whose group members addressed issues with Kirkwood. He was supposed to be given the opportunity to respond to his concerns. Kirkwood did not attend the meeting because he said he was given the wrong address.

The 14 people who attended the meeting voted to impeach Kirkwood.

Kirkwood believes the impeachment process is illegal and with Amani United. Dominican Center, Is the group’s main partner organization. Dominican Center officials could not comment on Monday, but said they would speak to NNS on Tuesday.

“This was the shortest impeachment process I’ve ever seen,” Kirkwood said. “And the impeachment process has never happened in any other neighboring group.”

Kirkwood said he would sue for defamation and regain his job. The group’s vice president, Jarvis West, is currently leading the group.

“The only money I might receive is scholarships and miles that I never paid,” he said.

The position will receive a $ 200 scholarship, Kirkwood said.

Former Amani United President Barbara Smith, sitting on the board of directors of the Dominican Center, believes the first election was illegal.

“To do this, you need to be a resident of flax, attend at least three of the five monthly flax meetings, and be aware of at least flax activation plans,” Smith said. ..

Some in the community have accused Kirkwood of not living in Flax. Kirkwood said he was still living in Flax, although he was forced to move due to harassment from members of Flax United.

He accused members of the group of appearing at home and stalking without notice.

He said the January elections won the most votes ever in the American elections. That’s why he keeps fighting for his place.

If he regains the spot, he wants to make Amanu United a non-profit organization and continue to involve the inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Kirkwood said he would continue to serve the community.

“My goal has always been to regain love for flax,” he said. “I will continue it.”

About Amani United

Amazon United continues its monthly meetings.You can catch up with it on it Facebook page. You can contact the leader at (414) 444-9930 or

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