“Amazing Race” winner James competes in “Challenge: USA”

James Warrington Not just the winner Great race In Season 32, he was a reality TV super fan and wanted to help him head into the competition. Challenge: USA..

“When I took off my fangirl goggles and looked at the room and evaluated it, it became a little more intimate,” says the 33-year-old from Michigan exclusively. We weekly Of the interview cast you can see above. “I’m not going to lie. Because these are people, that is, I’m watching all these shows. I was familiar with everyone who was above Challenge With me. “

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Because he saw a lot Brother, Survivor, Love Island And show He won, It could help him navigate “how these relationships worked” and “how I fit the relationship’s web”. Don’t watch all these shows. “

James also realized that having a set strategy wouldn’t work exactly. Challenge Considering that the rules change from season to season, sometimes even in the middle of the season. “I’m just watching a lot of seasons, so it’s always very difficult to plan. ChallengeFormat, I think, is the biggest key to how you navigate Challenge Overall, “says James. We.. “So I didn’t really want to make a fixed plan because I didn’t really know what the format would be.”

Still, James was confident when it came to the social aspects of the game. “That’s where I think it was good to get in Challenge: Being a social player, and then when it comes to challenges, I really made sure I never give up, “he says.

Challenge USA cast reveals cast
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Being a former winner can definitely make him an easy target, but he also said, “Big Brother 23 As he says, it would be great if one of the six players could take his eyes off him. “At some point, I think this will be a bit naive because I don’t think there will be some showlines,” he says.

“I was watching Challenge From the time Real World versus Road rules“James says We.. “It was the show I grew up in. Just like Survivor When Amazing raceSo being part of it was the realization of a crazy and weird dream. “

Challenge: USA Premiered at CBS on Wednesday, July 6th at 9:30 pm ET / PT.

“Amazing Race” winner James competes in “Challenge: USA”

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