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Today I would like to talk about purging semi-mysterious products on Amazon. Shoppers are probably unaware, but these evictions tell us a lot about unreliable internet reviews, demonstrating both the power and limitations of Amazon.

By studying this I felt (again)that is Tired Trying To avoid being fooled or manipulated online, and our favorite internet destinations aren’t doing enough to protect us. Let me explain what is happening.

Who was kicked out?

About three weeks ago, several major Amazon brands were suddenly kicked out.

Most people were unaware of the names of more than 12 disappearing Chinese companies, such as Mpow and Aukey. However, these two sell a number of electronic devices, such as phone chargers and external batteries for smartphones. If you click “Buy” on Amazon’s first phone charger or wireless headphones, it could be from one of the sellers currently suspended.

Amazon rarely launches a merchant that sells so much, but the company doesn’t say exactly why it started.But Amazon mechanics experts believe the seller was punished Customer review operations..And some of the company’s official statements — this Useful things It’s Chinese — it seems to support it.

Paying people for enthusiastic feedback violates Amazon’s rules.But it also Open secret It Acquisition Or otherwise a gamed review General On Amazon and many other websites.

According to an Amazon representative, the company “is constantly working to protect the integrity of customer reviews and continues to innovate to ensure that customers can trust that all Amazon reviews are genuine and relevant. I will. ” I also tried to contact the suspended merchant, but couldn’t contact anyone.

So why is this important to us? I will answer my question with the other two questions.

Can you trust online feedback when the system game is so easy?

The big selling point of the internet is that you can gather the wisdom of the crowd before watching a movie, eating at a restaurant, or buying a product. However, there are many ways to fool online reviews, and it’s hard to trust them.

If some of Amazon’s top sellers manipulate the shopper’s impression of the product, it’s an indication of how widespread the problem is. Amazon is probably watching over the bigger merchants than the less-selling overnight companies. And these suspended companies are likely to have been fooling reviews for a long time, Juozas Kaziukėnas, founder of e-commerce research firm Marketplace Pulse, told me.

This means that some people were fooled into buying junk products, while merchants who played according to the rules were better than those who didn’t. In short, fake reviews hurt us and make Amazon a bad place to shop.

Did Amazon catch the merchant or put pressure on it?

There are two ways to see what Amazon has done. The first is Amazon Not afraid to punish companies Move a lot of merchandise to protect shoppers from deception.

The less philanthropic view is that Amazon seemed to ignore the problem for a long time. And it’s not clear if Amazon discovered the problem on its own.

Vox Recode Publications report That pressure from the Federal Trade Commission has led to at least one of the seller’s suspensions.And the Computer Security Recommended Website recently discovered a database of Amazon merchants Organize payments in exchange for about 13 million enthusiastic reviews.. The disclosure was made shortly before Amazon’s ban was lifted.

Then what should I do?

If you don’t want to know how online shopping sausages are made, I understand. In most cases, it’s okay to buy items from Amazon or other reputable sites. (If you want to protect yourself better, here are some advice About the method Shop safely and securely.. )

Kaziukėnas also suggested that it might be time to stop using reviews as a reliable way to evaluate the opinions of others about products and services. “It’s the Internet,” he said. “Nothing is realistic on the Internet.”

That’s the problem. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could click “Buy” with more confidence without worrying about being misunderstood? You shouldn’t ask Amazon more, Yelp, trip advisor And Rotten tomatoes How to make sure your feedback is as reliable and transparent as possible? You don’t have to put up with counterfeits and scams.

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Amazon Great Purge-New York Times

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