Amazon is great. Why not HR?

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There was a lot of debate about whether a job in an Amazon warehouse should be considered a good job or a bad job. My colleagues Jodi Kantor, Karen Wise, and Grace Ashford spent months trying to answer another question.

They found that Amazon’s system for mass management of hourly workforce was tense and uneven, resulting in high employee turnover.I recommend you to Read their deeply reported surveyIt’s to me that the treatment of about 1 million US employees, mostly hourly workers, where Amazon is arguably the most important asset, is effective for the company as well as those people. I wondered if it was or was sustainable.

I talked about what Karen, her and her colleagues have learned, and where Amazon’s reputation for maximum efficiency is at odds with staff management turmoil.

White: Amazon found that it needed to replace more than the total workforce per hour in a year. It is amazing. Are Amazon kicking them out or are they quitting?

Karen: Both.Amazon Hire so many peopleIn many cases, there are no interviews, few reviews, and a significant number of workers are lost in the first few weeks of employment. I’ve heard stories of people going out for lunch on the first day of orientation. It causes a tremendous amount of sales and some confusion in the workplace.

I also wrote about an employee named Dayana Santos who was dismissed on a bad day after being praised by his manager and not consistently producing for a variety of reasons. She is the person the company would have wanted to maintain. Amazon has since changed policies that lead to dismissals, but this example shows that Amazon has built a system that does not always effectively evaluate competent workers.

Is it intentional that employee turnover is high?

Former Amazon Vice President David Niekerk, who built the warehouse HR operations, said Jeff Bezos doesn’t want long-term employees to work every hour. According to company data, employees have declined engagement over time, and Amazon wanted people to push even higher.

Amazon may not want to leave so many people each year, but changing that is not a top priority either. Amazon has fired so many employees that I’ve heard many Seattle leaders explain the persistent fear that the company will run out of hiring Americans. ..

What does Amazon say about this?

Amazon told us that worker turnover is just one indicator that is irrelevant without context. The company didn’t elaborate. Company officials did not say it was unacceptable to have 150% sales per year.

Let’s become a reality about dollars and cents. Wouldn’t Amazon cost a lot to replace so many people?

is. And a key (probably the most important) factor in Amazon’s future growth is not the success of futuristic inventions such as: Delivery drone Or Domestic robot.. This is how Amazon effectively manages the people who select, pack, and ship all these boxes to the door.

Tech companies talk about “moonshots,” or what seems impossible at first glance. With Alexa, the company started with a vague idea, but put the best people into the project. I set an incredibly ambitious goal and understood it.. Some Amazon executives and warehouse overseers at the enterprise level are asking why managing more than a million people wasn’t such a high-priority moonshot.

Bezos I have written In April, he wanted to make Amazon “the best employer on the planet and the safest workplace on the planet.” What does he mean? And what is Amazon doing?

Amazon spoke About the safety part But not much about the other half of Bezos’ remarks.Amazon Recent increase in hourly wage And we are paying new employee bonuses.

When asked about the company policy, Amazon also Changed the use of productivity metrics Some workers said it was applied arbitrarily. No more someone will be fired for a bad day. (Amazon said it had been revisiting its policy for months.)

Is there a successful company that manages hourly workers differently than Amazon?

Costco CEO Testimony to Congress Hourly workers tend to have long tenures. That’s the source of Costco’s pride.

Wal-Mart is often criticized for its labor practices and is generally cheaper than Amazon, but that’s what it says Over 75% of US store managers I started as an hourly employee. Making that jump on Amazon is very challenging.

Sam’s Club, part of Wal-Mart, Train workers to do multiple jobs At the store. Partly because it keeps people feeling fresh at work and learning new skills. Amazon warehouse employees may do the same type of work with a 10-hour shift each day.

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Amazon is great. Why not HR?

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