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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) —Known for fast delivery and fast-growing in central Tennessee. Technology giant Amazon has expanded Nashville to Lebanon, making thousands of jobs available.

“We are grateful to be part of a company rich in innovation and technology,” said Donna Purcell, Amazon Operations Manager. “It’s not just about driving growth, it’s a company that’s expected.”

“While I was in Amazon, I took eight people to the next level, and I directly saw that Amazon loves being promoted in it,” Purcell continued. “Personally. She was promoted four times in just four years.

There have been many changes since Amazon first started its business in Tennessee 10 years ago. Today, the company employs more than 25,000 full-time and part-time employees, and the number continues to grow.

“We bring you and train, but we want to hear what your interests within your company and your career path interests are, so we put you in that position for success. Can be placed in, “Holly Sullivan told Vice President of Global Economic Development at Amazon.

There are 10 fulfillment and sorting centers throughout Tennessee. The company has opened a new robot fulfillment center in the mountains. Recent Juliet. Sullivan said he aims to fill 1,500 people there in the coming months.

There, employees work with innovative technology to select, pack and ship customer orders.

“We accept people from different backgrounds with different educational levels. Anyone walking on the door can definitely succeed here on the first day,” Purcell said. Says.

Then there are delivery stations like La Vergne, where packages are transported from Amazon’s fulfillment and sorting centers to the delivery station and loaded into the vehicle for delivery to customers.

Delivery stations also offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to become their own bosses like Demetrice Hall. “Make sure there are enough vehicles and drivers available to cover the route and make sure the fleet is on track,” said Hall, who currently manages 60 employees. Told.

“I spent 24 years in the US Air Force, so I used explosives for logistics. We shipped, received, and transported explosives,” he said. “I brought those talents to Amazon, and it was great.”

The tech giant is still working to fill the 5,000 jobs in Amazon Nashville, a retail hub in the southeastern United States, and plans to open in the coming weeks.

This is one of Tennessee’s greatest work commitments in history, and is in the middle of it.

According to Sullivan, 2,000 people have already been hired and we are currently working to replenish 500 jobs.

“There are openings everywhere, from software development engineers to human resources to finance,” says Sullivan.

Regardless of your experience, Amazon aims to hire people of all skill and education levels with wages starting at $ 15.50 per hour.

“Whether you want to improve your operations, dig into something like a learning team, or have a passion for working with people, there’s an unparalleled opportunity here. You can get into HR. There’s something for everyone here, and we love to advertise from the inside, so there are so many opportunities for everyone, “says Purcell.

The application and interview process is different for each role, but all employees receive the same benefits from day one. This includes full medical insurance, visual insurance, dental insurance, and a 50% matching 401K.

These new jobs include a combination of technical and non-technical roles for candidates of all skill and education levels.

Recent job listings on Amazon Nashville include global supply chain analysts, transportation procurement managers, fleet solution program managers, support engineers, and financial analysts, and the list is growing.

The range of salaries depends on role, seniority, and complexity.

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But when Amazon first started advertising in downtown Nashville, on average, salaries exceeded $ 150,000.

“We have leadership principals, and the premise is that when we invest in the community, we have a responsibility to put it in a better position,” says Sullivan.

Amazon has invested $ 700 million to train 100,000 American employees in new skills and give them access to high-demand, high-paying jobs in Amazon and elsewhere.

Sullivan said he plans to draw talent not only from Tennessee, but from all over the Southeast.

In addition to direct employment on Amazon, the company expects a $ 230 million investment to create thousands more jobs in other industries such as construction, construction services, hospitality and retail.

“If they interview today, we hope they can get started within the next 30 days,” Sullivan said.

If you are interested in applying for an Amazon Nashville position click here.

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