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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-11 09:42:48 –

Marijuana has acquired an unlikely ally, the Amazon. In an unexpected announcement, Amazon leadership revealed that retail giants would stop marijuana drug testing and begin supporting cannabis reform.

“In the past, like many employers, I was disqualified from working at Amazon if my marijuana use was tested positive, but given that state law works across the United States, I We changed course. ” Announcing Dave Clark, Lieutenant Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. “We will no longer include marijuana in our comprehensive drug screening program for positions not regulated by the Ministry of Transport. [we] Instead, treat it like using alcohol. “

As the need for online shopping increased due to pandemics, Amazon hired another 500,000 workers in 2020 to nearly double its workforce. Amazon is currently one of the largest employers in the United States (and the world’s largest), with more than 1.3 million full-time employees and hundreds of thousands of temporary and seasonal workers. This will significantly reduce the number of American workers who are benign and often denied employment due to the use of cannabis under state law. In particular, unskilled and temporary workers who often suffer from drug testing at a disproportionate rate. Drivers will be excluded from this new policy to avoid obstacles while driving.

According to Amazon, this decision is, in their own words, the company’s desire to be “the best employer on the planet and the safest workplace on the planet.” In fact, this is probably against the Amazon in the last few years, especially in the case of New Jersey men who have been dismissed for using prescribed medical marijuana, a discriminatory practice against people who use state law marijuana. It is the result of the proceedings filed in.

Great victory for reform

Regardless of the motive behind this change of mind, this is a great victory for cannabis reform. Amazon makes an annual revenue equivalent to Norway’s GDP and has a significant impact on American politics. To please Amazon, local, state, and even federal governments routinely bend backwards to the point of bending the law to offer large-scale tax cuts to megacorporations.

As Amazon chose a pro-marijuana camp, they would urge Congress to force cannabis reform, the company said. “Because this issue is known to be greater than Amazon, the public policy team is actively supporting the 2021 Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Elimination Act (MORE Act), which provides marijuana at the federal level. It’s a federal law that legalizes and eliminates cannabis. Invest in affected communities. We hope that other employers will join us and policy makers will act swiftly to pass this law. “

The MORE Act, which passed the House of Representatives last year before being killed by Republicans, does not require federal legalization of marijuana, but removes plants from the list of controlled substances, allowing states to effectively self-regulate. It will also greatly ease repression even in states that refuse to allow marijuana use and commerce, leading to the elimination of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of nonviolent criminal records. ..

This does not mean that Amazon will start selling or shipping marijuana products. Currently, cannabis is still banned by federal law, even in states where the ban has not been enforced due to inconsistent state and land laws with federal law. To process marijuana for sale or delivery in a legitimate location, Amazon requires a license for itself and its delivery driver, which is more annoying than worth it for now. Given that the company’s lobbying will pay off and federal legalization will take place in the near future, Amazon will absorb local licensed retailers and provide delivery through associates to make cannabis as well as alcohol. You may be able to handle it. That may really be the ultimate goal. It’s a world where Kush reaches the door with just a few clicks on Amazon. This is my expectation.

Jean Gabriel Fernandez

June 11, 2021

8:42 am

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