Amazon wants many new laws

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Amazon is moving to propose major changes to US law. This can be great for many Americans and for the country, and in most cases it can be talkative.

Amazon shouts Assist Federal minimum wage of $ 15 an hour.The company mentioned in (briefly) Blog post In April, it was shown in favor of raising the federal tax rate for corporations.Amazon I have written This week it will “actively support” a federal bill proposed to legalize marijuana. The company last year Said Congress wanted to create rules for the ethical use of facial recognition technologies, including Amazon’s Rekognition.

Some of these policies can make a real difference in people’s lives. My concern may be that Amazon seeks credibility from the general public and policy makers by supporting these laws, but it has a real impact unless Amazon helps Amazon directly. Don’t work on the collaborative and sustainable work you need to do.

We know that companies are enthusiastically lobbying for and against profitable legislation. But when they say they support policies that they believe will serve everyone, do they put the same money and effort into that effort? (And should they?)

Emily Stewart Writing Vox’s RecodeRecently, I asked similar questions about all businesses, including tech giants. But perhaps we need to keep the high-tech superstars who dominate our lives and influence policy makers and public perceptions to a higher standard.

Corporate pressure is often harmless to boost Congress, which can get bogged down or take time to enact legislation. Labor groups demand a minimum wage of $ 15. For many yearsAmazon’s support and the decision to set a $ 15 minimum wage for US employees in 2018 could be even more effective in gaining public support and changing the law. Facebook The same is true for persistent promotions. Response to revised US Internet regulations..

These companies deserve praise for tackling big problems, but the important thing is that they get to the end. As Stewart wrote, “Ambiguous gestures from businesses and business owners are a way to solve real-life political and social problems and divert natural scrutiny.”

Amazon’s past episodes also invite skepticism about Amazon’s motives in the policy struggle.Over the years, the company has been loud consumption tax In the United States. Amazon knew that national sales tax was most likely to be a problem in Congress. However, Amazon’s position has helped fight state law that collects sales taxes on online purchases.

No national tax was incurred. About 10 years ago, Amazon began compromising with the state to apply sales tax. By then, the company had benefited from years of price advantage over traditional retailers.

This little history shows that stating that Amazon is a principle-based policy position is likely to be just a strategic operation.

Here are some questions that US taxpayers can ask tech companies seeking policy changes: How do companies promote this law? What specific policy proposals do they have? How much money do companies spend on lobbying? Companies support the policy and Do you promise to submit a status report on the results?

Amazon lobbying Disclosure There aren’t many details, but the issue of minimum wages is one of the topics that the company has urged members of Congress. Amazon spokeswoman Jodi Seth also said with Amazon ads opinion piece He said raising the minimum wage was one of the few issues involving the entire Amazon policy team.

Add another question to the list. Why? No, the real answer. Extreme candid Knowing a company’s motives for a proposed policy change may help to gain the trust of lawmakers and the general public.

How about frankly saying that raising the minimum wage may be good for many American workers for Amazon? And Amazon business?The company may have to pay more Attract enough quality workers And keep them happy and competitors may not be able to pay higher wages.

Facebook and other tech companies that support the US National Digital Privacy Protection Act usually don’t speak out about themselves. Hope for more generous rules from Congress to steal strict laws passed by some states..

I’m creating a spreadsheet listing the policy positions taken by major tech companies. We promise to report here regularly what the company has done. (And please Please send me the email Along with policy suggestions proposed by the technology companies you want to track. Please put “policy” in the subject line. )

  • Facebook fights itself: Some employees are challenging Facebook Colleagues Sheila Frenkel and Mike Isaac report that the bosses took action that they believed the Indian government had suppressed online opposition and deleted pro-Palestinian posts. Is the latest example of a split between some Facebook employees who want the company to confront a domineering government and a policy team dealing with troublesome international relations.

  • Difficult to build Silicon Valley from scratch: The rest of the world finds out what went wrong in the effort to build a city in Kenya. It is a high-tech utopia for residents and is imagined as a hub for high-tech companies. “Smart cities are not a panacea for socio-economic problems, but a way to distract citizens from larger structural problems,” the article said.

  • Meet the new king of TikTok: Khabane Lame, 21, a former Italian factory worker, has become TikTok’s fastest-growing video creator.My colleagues Jason Horowitz and Taylor Lorenz Explain the complaint His clever and sympathetic reaction video. (For example Here he is scared of Sour Patch Kid’s pizza.. )

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Amazon wants many new laws

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