Amazon Warehouse Workers Re-vote Union in Alabama: NPR

The Amazon warehouse at the heart of the hottest unionized drive will be seen on March 29 in Bessemer, Alabama.

Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

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Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

The Amazon warehouse at the heart of the hottest unionized drive will be seen on March 29 in Bessemer, Alabama.

Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are getting new votes on whether to form the company’s first unionized warehouse in the United States.

U.S. Labor Relations Commission officials order re-voting rear Agency reviews found Amazon improperly pressured warehouse staff to vote against joining the union, polluting the first election and destroying the results. The decision was made on Monday by the regional director of the National Labor Relations Commission. Amazon is expected to appeal.

The news is once again in the limelight as a warehouse in Bessemer, a suburb of Birmingham, ushering in a trade union effort at Amazon, the second largest private employer in the United States with more than 950,000 employees.

The driving force of the union is led by the union of retail, wholesale and department stores. Its president, Stuart Aperbaum, praised today’s development.

“Today’s decision confirms what we’ve been saying all the time – – Amazon’s threats and interference prevented workers from making a fair statement as to whether they wanted a union at work. “

During the first attempt in early 2021 — considered the most important union election in recent history — Bessemer workers 2 to 1 or more votes for unionization.. Organizing Amazon’s US workers was a devastating defeat for Push, which attracted attention after gaining national support, including: President Biden, Other politicians and celebrities.

The vote, which was aggregated in April, was mailed out due to pandemic concerns. More than half of the warehouse staff were throwing voting papers.

The union has filed a legal objection to the election, alleging that Amazon is engaged in unfair labor practices.Amazon denied the claim.. NLRB conducted a hearing in front of the hearing officer Recommended last month Redo the Bessemer election.

Amazon said it did not act illegally or threaten workers and called on agents and unions to accept the choices of Bessemer workers. The union claimed that Amazon was “deceived (and) caught.”

The union stands out in the Amazon in Europe, but the company has been fighting trade unionization efforts in the United States.Elections at Bessemer First union vote since 2014..Team Stars Union Passed the resolution It will prioritize that Amazon Union campaign.

October, Workers at Staten Island Warehouse Cluster in New York Petitioned federal authorities For union elections, but later Withdrew the request..

Previously, NLRB hearings shed new light on Amazon hearings. Anti-union campaign During the Bessemer election. One warehouse staff testified that the fulfillment center could be closed if staff voted for the union during a mandatory meeting at the facility. Other workers said the union was told to waste membership fees on luxury vacations and cars.

One of the major controversies was about the new mailbox in the warehouse’s private parking lot, which Amazon said was set up by the United States Postal Service to make voting “convenient, safe, and private.” However, because the mailbox is located in an Amazon tent right next to the office, some employees wondered if the company was trying to monitor the vote.

Post office employee Jay Smith, who works as a liaison for large customers like Amazon, seemed to find a way around his explicit instructions that the company wouldn’t put anything physically. To the mailbox, who testified that he was surprised to see a corporate branded tent around the mailbox.

However, Smith and other postal service officials also testified that no one in Amazon was provided with the key to access emails, in this case election votes. Amazon parent union workers told hearings that they saw corporate security guards opening the mailbox.

Editor’s Note: Amazon is one of NPR’s financial backers.

Stephan Bisaha of Gulf States Newsroom contributed to this report.

Amazon Warehouse Workers Re-vote Union in Alabama: NPR

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