Amazon’s Top Doctor on the Most Important Work Benefits of the Century

The United States is by no means out of the forest in that regard the meantime Booster shots are approved Deaths may have peaked, thousands of Americans are still dying weekly, we’re in an uncertain cold and flu season, and the healthcare system is already in Covid’s case. I’m overwhelmed. New virus strain Is also being monitored. However, he is a professor of health data and respiratory illness at the University of Washington, AmazonSays that over the next four to five months, the country should feel safer from Covid and “renormalize” the workplace by March or April.

But to make your workplace safer, healthier, and more productive, you need to make one big change. Long before Covid, an improvement in the air filtration and ventilation system was needed. Gupta states that air quality will be the biggest challenge for public and workspaces of the century.

“It goes back 100 years. The big problem that killed people was getting an oral infection from feces,” Gupta told CNBC recently. @ Work Summit.. Lack of good hygiene has led to a rethinking of social hygiene and the development of sewerage systems.

“100 years later, that’s how we ventilate public places and workplaces,” he said. “The big challenge in our time is how to ventilate.”

Decades of research have shown that improving the ventilation system in the workspace improves brain function, but investment has been delayed.

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Gupta says Covid may be a catalyst for buildings to adopt better air quality systems, but research to support investment in ventilation has been ahead of Covid, with cognitive function and worker productivity. He emphasized that it shows that it is boosted by better air.

A study conducted by scientists at Harvard TH Chan Public Health School has shown that well-ventilated workspaces generate a return on investment.

“It only creates a better and healthier environment,” Gupta said. “These are cost-effective types of innovation.”

Latest research on Effect of air quality on cognitive functionThe third study in the series was just published last month. It, on average, Cognitive scores were 61% to 101% higher In the design of green buildings rather than traditional buildings, the findings written by the author have “broader meaning” because the research is designed to mimic many typical everyday indoor environments.

Prior to the pandemic, the science of linking air quality to worker productivity was not passed on to decision makers in the world of building design and office management. The researchers pointed out in their study that 30 years of support data did not lead to an approach when it came to building ventilation standards based on what was above the “minimum acceptable value.”

Adoption of enhanced ventilation strategies has been delayed and is one of the leading authors of ongoing research, Joseph Allen, an associate professor at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and director of the university. Healthy building The program has sought greater awareness and investment in air quality.of Works for the Atlantic Ocean Last week, Allen wrote that it was time to treat air quality as a work necessity, rather than the trendy perks of the recent office era like gyms and coffee bars.

“Before the coronavirus pandemic, interior designers and HR professionals who determine the look of an office paid little attention. ventilation —Invisible variables that determine whether people can think well at their desks and whether coughs, colds, and other respiratory illnesses circulate within the company, ”Written Allen.

One of the statistics Allen likes to quote: People spend 90% of their lives indoors or 72 years of 80 years of life, perhaps not paying attention to the design of ventilation for optimal well-being. Spend time in space.

At CNBC’s event, Gupta said improvements to the HVAC system were not only cost-effective when measured by long-term productivity gains, but also to tight labor markets and the health and safety of many Americans. He said it would also help maintain the workforce, which is an important issue of concern. For a physical workplace.

As Amazon provides new Amazon care services to all employees, it faces many health issues among the employees and healthcare solutions it works on. Expand these services as a nationwide business, Pharmacy service and Solving the chronic problems of workers In a warehouse that has many warehouses New wellness initiative It aims to reduce physical injuries to manual workers. Working conditions in the Amazon warehouse It is a major issue that has led to labor disputes and the promotion of union organization.

Amazon and its large technicians may be in a better financial position to spend on healthcare solutions than small businesses, but Gupta says employers spend on health-not just air quality. Access to healthcare services will also tend to be “furious” over the next decade, including telemedicine and virtual mental health services, according to Gupta, making the finance department cost-effective, not cost-effective. He said it should be considered an investment in a high labor force.

He also said that corporate investment in workplace health should include raising the medical strategy to C-suite status. “If you don’t have a Chief Health Officer or someone in your organization who can play this role, you should hire him,” said Gupta, who has been Chief Health Officer at Amazon for 20 months.

Amazon’s Top Doctor on the Most Important Work Benefits of the Century

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