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After Amber Portwood reportedly clashed with former Andrew Glennon over custody of his two-year-old son, the “Teen Mom OG” star reportedly tried to prevent him from “interfering with parenting.” I received a restraint order.

Amber portwood Given a restraint order against her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glenon, January 11th, HollywoodLife..judge Cheryl Lynch Members of the Marion Circuit Court in Indianapolis, Indiana approved the order, and Andrew, 36, declared that “this limits interference with Amber Portwood’s parenting time.” [Andrew] Interfere in some way [Amber’s] Parenting time until further order of this court. “

If Andrew violates the order, he will be charged with contempt of court and “can order reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses paid by a custodial parent”, “regional damages without compensation or You may be ordered to perform the service “specified by the court. Andrew also appeared in court on January 19, 2021 and was ordered to “show the reason, if he may have,” as to why the detention order should be given.

Amber Portwood’s suppression order against her ex-Andrew Glennon

The 30-year-old Amber and Andrew drama is reportedly rooted in a custody issue for his 2-year-old son. James.. Amber claim, HollywoodLife, Andrew “refused holiday parenting time” at Christmas.She claims she was supposed to have custody of James from December 23rd to December 25th, but Andrew planned to leave the state with James. Before This prevents Amber from celebrating the holidays with his son. Amber reportedly demanded that Andrew be “contempted of court” and that he pay her attorney’s fees while she was dealing with the matter.

The couple was dated July 2017-July 2019 until she was arrested for domestic violence. “The officer spoke to a male victim who mentioned his girlfriend living with him, and he had a disagreement,” Marion County prosecutor said in a statement. HollywoodLife.. “In the meantime, a woman later identified as Amber Portwood attacked him when he was holding a one-year-old child. Officers spoke to Amber Portwood on the scene. She then said this. She was arrested for her alleged actions in the case. “Andrew claimed that Amber came after him in Machete. The video and audio of the battle was captured by a couple of ring cameras and leaked online.

Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards (MEGA)

The· Teen Mom OG The star was charged with three felony – domestic violence, reckless crime with deadly weapons, and domestic violence in the presence of a child – but she eventually reached a judicial transaction and was in prison. I was subject to probation, not time.

“People tried to warn me early on, but I didn’t see the girl they’re talking about right now,” Andrew said in an exclusive interview with. HollywoodLifeIt took place two months after her arrest. “I really wanted to make something really great with her, but I didn’t have enough self-care on her side. She suppressed her ego and aggression, and the people of the world are flawed. I sincerely hope that she will be able to remind her of what she has done in the past, release her luggage and step into the new life that is waiting for her … and stick to it. “

Amber Portwood gets a detention order against former Andrew Glenon – Hollywood Life

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