Amber Portwood Leaves “Teen Mom” ​​Reunion in Rear Therapy News

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Drop the bomb. Amber Portwood Did not have it during Part 1 Teen Mom OG Reunion after her ex Gary Shirley They shared a great revelation about their daughter, Leah.

At an MTV special on Tuesday, November 30, 35-year-old Gary revealed on camera that his 12-year-old daughter had. Recently I started going to see the therapist.

“She’s talking to someone professional,” he said in an episode. “You probably didn’t know this. At Lear’s request, she didn’t want to be told about it. I have permission to talk about it and let it know.”

Teen Mom OG's amber Portwood blows the storm during a reunion after a revelation of rear therapy

Daughter Leah and Amber Portwood. Courtesy of Amberportwood / Instagram

A police officer who said he had resigned from 31-year-old Amber in 2011 said he was trying to respect his daughter’s wishes by keeping the information private.

“Part of what Leah goes to is that she doesn’t want anyone she knows to start. I endorsed it,” he continued. “They are working on a variety of things she can do to initiate communication between her and her mother.”

Amber wasn’t excited to find it on her side Her ex didn’t talk about the details about her and their child’s life..

“This is the problem, I’m a mother. I need to understand what Lear is experiencing, so I believe we need to communicate for that,” explained the reality star. “I think Leah is a kid. She’s not an adult. She doesn’t have to say anything, but you can tell me.”

Amber called Gary “garbage” because he chose to take it publicly for the first time during the reunion.

“You came out with some junk here. Of course, I just found it on the camera. All you do is for the TV. End!” She said on Tuesday. “Everything he does is for TV. I’m out. Goodbye!”

MTV personality, Over the years she was outspoken about her ups and downs with LeahPreviously, I shared how I wanted my daughter to do therapy.

“It really breaks my heart that Leah and I are floating apart.” 16 & pregnant Alum Emotionally recognized during the September episode of the show.. “I’ve met a psychiatrist for the last six years. I think I’d be better off if I could go to therapy with Lear, but with Gary. [his wife] Christina [Anderson] I feel different. “

She continued. “We’ve already talked about treating Lear, but Gary didn’t do it at all. Therapy is a good way to get you and your mother back, and by having that mediator you Can be a little more open and understandable. She thinks she will be happier in her life by understanding a little more about what the past was and how I am today. It’s okay to have a mom who did. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Therapy is necessary, but there’s nothing I can do about it. [Gary] Has her main custody. “

In that same episode, Gary explained how he wanted his daughter to think about treatment. In her own terms.

“I talked to Lear last night to see if she was ready to go for treatment,” he said at the time. “I know she’s against it, but I told her to think if it would be beneficial to her. To help amber, I’m sitting here where Leah I’m not going to let him go. If my mother isn’t doing what she needs, how can I encourage Leah to do what she doesn’t want to do? “

Gary said his top priority was to make sure Leah was doing well.

“If any reunion or reconciliation happens, it will have to be Amber really digging deeper and doing what she really needs to be the mother she needs,” he added. .. “Try to apologize for years for not putting others first and not your daughter first …. I want to protect Leah. I want to prevent her from being injured. increase.”

Teen Mom OG MTV will air on Tuesday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Amber Portwood Leaves “Teen Mom” ​​Reunion in Rear Therapy News

Source link Amber Portwood Leaves “Teen Mom” ​​Reunion in Rear Therapy News

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