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It’s called fashion! Amelia Hamlin apologized to dad Harry for her pure Natalia Fedner outfit that released her nipples during London Fashion Week.

Dad, it’s fashion. Amelia Hamlin Apologies to dad Harry For thin Natalia Fedner The clothes she wore during London Fashion Week.During ~ Perfect magazine Weekend party, model, 20, wear Metallic laptop and matching skirt It released the nipple.She sent a text message to her mom Lisa Rinna And dad Harry, as you can see here, And wrote, “For those who are worried about Harry Hamlin.”

Her text read, “My niped dad, it’s fashion,” and her famous mother replied, “I just saw a laugh,” adding, “It’s fashionnnnnnn.”

Explicit costumes come later Amelia split from her boyfriend Scott disick In early September after almost a year of dating.The split came soon UNES Benjima Leak private Instagram Message from Scott who criticized their mutual origin Kourtney KardashianPDA with boyfriend Travis Barker..Sources talked about earlier Hollywood Life That The alleged message was “the last straw” It’s not the perfect reason for the division, explaining that it would have happened for Amelia, but regardless.

“The last straw of Amelia and Scott was clearly the DM that Scott sent to Euns about Courtney, but the matter between them was already in Fritz, and regardless of Scott’s DM, this split was at some point. It was happening, “said Source. “The relationship just carried out that course, and Amelia was already thinking of breaking up with him before this whole situation appeared in the public eye.”

“When Amelia learned about DM, she knew it was time to call her quit,” the source continued. “For now, she has no hope of reconciliation. She just wants to walk her life and enjoy being single for a moment.” As for Scott, in the media Apparently individuality I don’t believe in the relationship It’s really over.

“Scott believes his relationship with Amelia is over for now, but he also believes it’s not over forever,” a second source told HL. “He often experiences some bankruptcies before becoming official and feels that he and Amelia still have an unfinished business. .. Therefore, from Scott’s point of view, there is still pulsation. “

Amelia Hamlin apologizes to Daddy Harry in a see-through dress – Hollywood Life

Source link Amelia Hamlin apologizes to Daddy Harry in a see-through dress – Hollywood Life

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