American Airlines Cancels Flight Due to Staffing, Maintenance Issues

American Airlines plane at LaGuardia Airport

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American Airlines He said he canceled hundreds of flights over the weekend due to staff shortages, maintenance and other issues, and challenges facing airlines as travel demand surged towards pre-pandemic levels.

According to flight tracking site FlightAware, about 6% of the airline’s mainline schedule, or 190 flights, was canceled on Sunday. According to airlines, it accounts for about 3% of all flights, including flights operated by regional airlines. About half of it was unavailable to flight crew, according to an internal list viewed by CNBC. According to FlightAware, about 4% of the mainline schedule, or 123 flights, was canceled on Saturday and 106 flights were canceled on Monday.

American Airlines said it would cut its overall schedule by about 1% until mid-July to alleviate the turmoil. Some said it was due to bad weather at Charlotte and the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport hub in early June. ..

Airlines are scrambling to keep up with the surge in demand for air travel as a government Remove travel restrictions After spending most of the past year reducing staff, we’ll be able to reopen more attractions, from concerts to restaurants to theme parks. Some returnees are dissatisfied with the hours of customer service hold times.

The Transportation Security Administration said it screened more than 2.1 million people on Sunday. This is the highest since March 7, 2020, 23% below the 2.7 million people screened two years before the pandemic began.

“Due to bad weather, a labor shortage that some vendors are working on, and an incredibly rapid increase in customer demand, further recovery in operations by adjusting some of the scheduled flights. We were able to build strength and certainty.-July, “American Airlines spokeswoman Sarah Jantz said in a statement. “We made targeted changes with the goal of minimizing the number of affected customers by coordinating flights in markets with multiple recontainment options.”

Bad weather can affect the flight crew’s ability to arrive on their assigned flights, which can mean that the crew can fall outside the time allowed by the federal government, a spokeswoman said. Said.

Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents about 15,000 American pilots, needs to increase overtime in advance to encourage staff fill-in and make pilot schedules more flexible to fill staff shortages. I said there is.

“They’re trying to put a band-aid on something that needs stitching,” said Tajar, who is also the captain of the Boeing 737.

American Airlines is also competing with all pilots temporarily dismissed between two federal aid packages banning layoffs to train aviators who will undergo regular regular training. American Airlines plans to complete training for its temporarily dismissed pilots by the end of this month, adding that the company is offering overtime due to operational issues, according to Jantz.

Delta Air Lines We canceled over 300 flights last week on Thanksgiving weekend and many other flights during Christmas. Lack of pilots..

The weekend turmoil previously reported on the View from the Wing airline blog happens just as airlines are trying to capture the surge in travel demand and stop record losses. In a filing earlier this month, American said it expects second-quarter production capacity to decline by 20% to 25% from 2019. United Airlines He said he expects capacity to decrease by about 46% delta We forecast a 32% decrease compared to 2019. on the other hand, Southwest Airlines July capacity is projected to decline by just 3% from 2019, up from a 7% decline this month.

American Airlines Cancels Flight Due to Staffing, Maintenance Issues

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