American Airlines cuts some flights to avoid potential tension

American Airlines,

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It has increased its flights rapidly to meet the surge in travel demand, but has reduced some flights to reduce the potential burden of flight.

The number of flights weeded out is relatively small, accounting for about 1% of airline flights scheduled for early July. But this move is the latest sign of how difficult it is for airlines to scale up after a year of declining demand.

According to airlines, the storm that hit some of America’s largest hubs on the days of this month, causing delays and cancellations, was reduced to secure more breathing space in the event of an unexpected problem. Contributed to the airline’s decision to do so.

A more robust schedule and a more fulfilling flight mean more difficulty if things go wrong. Americans are trying to avoid the dire summer of 2019, when bad weather and feuds with airline mechanics hindered operations, American executives said.

Airlines hope to cancel some flights in advance and shift passengers to another flight, reducing the need to cancel the flight immediately before in the following cases: Weather and maintenance issues Outbreak-Something that infuriates customers.

Travel demand is back Sharper than many airline executives expected. Companies that provide catering, wheelchair pushers, and filling services have a shortage of staff, which can slow down operations and inconvenience customers, US executives said. Reducing some flights also reduces maintenance pressure, increases the pool of spare pilots, and provides buffers as needed.

Airlines have been competing to rebuild their networks as the economy turns out to be recovering. People were ready to go back on a trip.. American Airlines, currently the world’s largest airline, was one of the most ambitious airlines. In the United States Americans plan to fly about as much this summer Just like before the coronavirus pandemic.

Even with the new trim, Americans fly far more than their closest competitors,

United Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd.

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Delta Air Lines Co., Ltd.

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-A positive approach adopted by most of the pandemics. According to airline data provider Cirium, American Airlines’ schedule for July will be 20% larger than Delta and United Airlines, respectively, in terms of available seat miles.

According to a spokeswoman, American cut flights in the market where there are several other flight options to serve customers and trim provides “additional resilience and certainty” to the airline’s operations.

Brett Snyder, who runs the Cranky Flyer website and travel concierge services, said: “It’s good for travelers.”

Americans scrubbed about 120 flights on Saturday and 176 on Sunday (about 6% of the day’s flights), but many were canceled a few days ago. According to airline statistics reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, in some cases the flight scuttled due to a lack of available crew, including reasons such as sick phone calls.

Airline pilots say the rapid increase in flights is difficult and they are facing schedule headaches due to the increase in last-minute reassignments.

“The good news is old-fashioned,” said Dennis Tagger, a spokesman for the union on behalf of American pilots. “The bad news is that it’s like the old days.”

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American Airlines cuts some flights to avoid potential tension

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