American Airlines, Halliburton, RH, AMC, etc.

Check out the companies that are creating headlines at noon on Monday.

Halliburton — Oilfield producers’ share surged 2% after the company reported higher-than-expected earnings in the previous quarter. Halliburton earns 11 cents per share, 8 cents above Refinitiv’s estimate. But earnings have missed analysts’ expectations.

American Airlines — American Airlines shares have risen more than 2% on news that Boeing 737 Max jets will resume flights in December. The plan awaits recertification of the aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration.

FedEx, UPS — FedEx and UPS rose 2.2% and 1%, respectively, after the Wall Street Journal told shippers that their holiday shipping capacity was nearing its limit.

CVS — 1% stake in drugstores and pharmacies after CVS said it plans to hire 15,000 employees in preparation for the expected increase in Covid-19 and flu cases from fall to winter It has risen. More than half of the new workers are full-time and part-time licensed pharmacy technicians who can perform coronavirus testing.

AMC — Movie theater inventories surged by more than 22% after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on October 23 that most theaters in New York could be reopened. The new regulation does not include New York City. Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, told CNBC that the move was a “big step forward” for the industry.

VF Corp — VF Corp’s share price fell 1% after Bank of America downgraded its share price from neutral to underweight. The company said in a memo that the weakness of Van’s shoe brand could hurt inventory.

RH — Jeffreys analysts have begun interviewing furniture companies with a poorly performing rating. strategy. “

American Equity Investment Life – After a life insurer announced a partnership with Brookfield Asset Management, reinsurance of $ 5 billion in existing debt caused equity to fall by more than 16%. Brookfield will take ownership of 19.9% ​​of the common stock of American Equity. American Equity has rejected the offer to buy Athene and MassMutual and said it underestimates the company.

— CNBC’s Yun Li, Maggie Fitzgerald, Jesse Pound, and Michael Bloom contributed to this report.

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